Our limited experience with Zen-koan..(Under construction)

  1. One koan goes like this: "Does a dog have future / zen nature?" and one should not nipple at it.

  2. There a practical joke about a Zen master and a hot-dog stand. The master ask for "one with everything", pays for the hot-dog and retorts to the hot-dog stand man "where is my change?!". This has nothing to do with the joke above, or below it is.

  3. A zen-koan might only be explainable through an experience.

  4. Think of like this:

  5. Another one is like this: "What is the sound of one hand clapping".

  6. If you have other logical explanations to Koan do not hesitate to mail us. Especially if one can explain the following one: "The answer to your problem is on a notice pinned to a tree."

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