If a tree falls in the forest and no-one hears it , does it fall?!

- First off, randomly, if the tree has got a very important sign attached to it then it could be unfortunate if it were demolished. Second that fall here simply implies not spring. Maybe that the tree has a note saying something like 'freeze' or 'I am freezing god dammit'.


- Master someone (who is know starting to attack his own chess pieces since all yours are gone) held up his cut off or what hand. People probably had lots of reactions to this , although that there is a distinct difference between experiencing something and reacting . It is two different words. Reaction as in ab reacting. One may ab react until one get no more ab-reaction but rather an experience, hormones , physical, in the endocrine system mixing as in alchemy creating a sense of things. There are countless of hormones and emotions. So when they, the so called chemicals in the brain, start off to work, then one has an feeling. We just don't know how many there are but we have encountered unexpected feelings and emotions our selves. You pass a man that has attained to the truth in the street. You can neither greet him nor not greet him. - In a sense of the logic of language, you don't know this man so there is no reason for you to have any sort of initial reaction towards him , neither greeting not greeting, so this is not a problem. . Although that the man may have attained to the truth that he is not getting old then you may discuss this with him. So this simply means you stop. And instigate a conversation or something like that. He may truly be going into the great unknown.


What came first? The chicken or the egg? - Again as stated by Herrigel the point of this is to first understand at all the question. If someone plainly is talking to you but you can't hear then that it will not make much sense, and it is the same with these questions, that if you do not really understand the question then that you can sewer it. You can not answer it. Our conclusions may be wrong: There was an ancient tribe some time in the past who came upon a strange animal and its offspring. So farming or hunting or what. Keep up the Hen (chicken) to continuously breed eggs or simply roast the chicken or Hen. So which one did they sacrifice. We think that obviously it is a way to get one thinking but we do perhaps think that to put something in plain terms, to explain something is OK too. Newton , some physicist or thinker of times is said that an apple fell on his head and he realized gravity. This may seem as ludicrous as that the oil is not , the platforms , oil rigs are mosquitoes, that the oil is not some sort of blood that runs through our earth. An anagram, rearrangement of Earth, the word , is Hearth. We are told that the oil is from Dinosaurs and such but conclude that if they indeed do pour in water to replace the oil then we should at least use golden water. Then may we finally have peace. Golden water is now , or it could be red if oxidized maybe, made out of silver and watt and water. An apple could or will resemble an magnetic monopole in that it is just attached to one 'chord'. It is not the typical globus , map of the globe , like a barbeque roll or what. It is attached through a mono system. So it resembles an egg in that it is not a perfect sphere.

- The Earth how ever has a moon , which may have been the core of the earth removed, but it is out there in space and revolving around the earth but we can not know if it is an indication that this planet that we are talking about and the cosmic , large area, a simple model of the earth sun and moon.

Maybe we would have to ask someone else about.

- Back again to the topic, Zen and though. Newton looked at the apple perhaps and got the picture. Earth. It may not have been anything else than that. However realizing the earth as one giant monopole can be traumatic. Indeed we could understand how moving towards the singularity at one of what we term poles would be difficult. Ire. North and South Poles that is.

- Now. A Koan may also have emotional content and may lead to both positive and negative ab-reactions that are usually in different tense. So a great disaster but still some hope for instance. That may not be a correct description as this crowd. It may be a description of a primitive life. No factories, no electricity, nothing much. What that we are trying to do here is straighten things out a bit. (This is just not a Koan, a Koan anyway , we do not have any other way of describing what it is except by the round about route(?) presenting here. What a Koan is.) The Koan is, (at least we think so, we are not sure if it actually has any meaning):