A quick..summary or thesis on stuff..:

UFOs, Quantum-Mysteries, Aliens, Zodiac Ages..Homeopathy, Placebo and Vaccine stuff.

Ok, well first we are now in "the age of aquarius". Aquarius belongs to the element of Air despite it sounding like water maybe. Science have long claimed that Man evolved from the Sea, and while also many other interesting things appear in science , this specifically rings soundly with the fact we have evolved from a Water sign. More and more things which used to be speculation are now accepted. The question however is when these things evolved , and hat may be a long time ago, because we progress backwards through the astrological ages. We are now near the second last of the 12 of them. This means ' then, that earlier we must have evolved to the top.

So, to explain things more since this is supposed to have to do with UFO and the other stuff. We can blame all this on a former air-element astrological age, either Gemini (maybe from 6480 to 4320 BC..), or some other one. Air has to do with thoughts, including imagination. So then we can assume that there was an (astrological) age, before us where all kinds of imaginable things (in science and technology) may have developed. Somehow after reaching the top we may have somehow shrunk our universe, at least that for now explains how we now travel 'out' into the world described here.

The science of Quantum-Physics explains loosely how many things are possible. We have possible unstable stuff in the Earth's Quantum Field like the famous Bermuda-triangle. Nuclear reactors work on the atomic level, but what happens beneath that 'layer' further into the Quantum from such a machine , on the QP level. The word Quantum is of course linked with the word Continuum, implying that the Quantum is somehow just slightly continuous at least.

Politics: The world is made up of genetic varieties. These may or may not have influence on political electrons. Enligthenment (dependant origination) The world is an apparent nightmare for most people. Some people struggle equally with famine as other do with astral projection. Thus we have a good bet and the world is not a nightmare, even if it is to question then where did this nightmare feeling come from. A short side step now to discuss upper-class mentality; this in practice means to load someone with the necessary "ammunition" to counter-support any overload. In practice this means if they give you B you receive A from us so that you then have both. Of course it is all to easy to think of the blood classifications just now. Blood-type as a result of pain balance is also an interesting question it seems.

Total link between Homeopathy, Placebo Effect, and Vaccine Technology.

Homeopathy, the Placebo effect and Vaccine Technology may have more in common than first thought of. They may all be based on similar principles. Main principle being "communication" (with the sub-conscious).

Few years ago a renowned American magazine hailed the placebo effects as the next new in Medicine if/as long as they could find a Doctor who could utilize the potential (currently unknown if). The missing link is probably communication. Put plain what they are looking for is a Doctor (a kin to Jesus early days) who can command patients to heal; i.e "Look at me, you will now suffer less from sleep apnea, ok?". Many mother will recognize this.

To put if differently. In homeopathy the principle of cure is that like cures like. Thus for the patient a extremely diluted substance of what would have caused their disease is given as remedy. The dilution is so extremely that there might really be no trace of the original poison in the pills that homeopathy gives but, the whole point is that what is left in this case is information.

When a homeopathic patient receives say Kali Cyanatum (Cyanide) it's a say clever way ..of telling the patient what to make the body heals it self is through these diluted pills. In this case Cancer of the Tounge for instance which can happen from Cyanide poisoning. Though it's worth to note that Homeopathy is more sophisticated than this because a Homeopathic Healer might focus on making the patient receptive to the treatment first, which is called healing the "emotional layer" in standard text-books.

All this is for now taken into account that the body is a self-healing mechanism as long as it's left to it's natural devices.

This means of course that one should never forget a very healthy and nutritious diet while recovering from a disease.

Unfortunately we don't know how many Vaccine contain Mercury or so-called Quick-silver but we are are almost certain that this is added to the vaccine for the CNS benefit of Mercury (see the story of i.e. the mad hatters) in combination with the information the dead virus in the vaccine.. so as to communicate to the body to stronghold against specific disease.