WW2-scenario and misc. stuff..(a never-edning stroy.."the hollow horse by Chiron.." ):

Pre-war and war:

It begins with (but does not end with) the assumption that some magical ritual in Japan started of maybe a poltergeist or physical telekinesis in a German factory, maybe that was to mess with the Germans but they counterd and though "hey better send the jews to this". (Look very deep at Eugene Herrigel - The method of Zen, Chapter One for this idea.).

Maybe that wasn`t why the Germans almost anihilated the Jews. Maybe it could be a right-wing conspiracy in Germany (with Hitler etc as puppets) to get rid of the Jews who tried to mess with say, Germans "national engram" or their nations customs. Or a combination of this and the above statement..

But the Germans wanted to make atom-bombs. We do not know if that had a psychological implication for them. But they couldnt do that at their longtitude so they set up a factory further north where the Earths magnetic field is different (this is fuzzy logic, I know). But Norwegian special ops sabotaged the "heavy-water" factory (which maybe prompted US to send something called a Marshall help there afterwards). Maybe something comes out from the north pole like an icey spider-net. Like some type of energy..

Note: Maybe the Germans are just "science freaks", i.e. they love to invented things..

So, eventually the americans with Henizberg or whoever, gets to design the bomb and find the perfect place; Japan near the south-pole (singularity == gravity) so the bombs exploded fine there..maybe..

We began with blaming the Japaneese and their Zen stuff etc, but changed our minds and conceded maybe there was a sort of never-ending-spiral-type-triangle , not just axis vs allies. So in this way we are not sure who initially began planning ww2 but mind that no-one during the war can have been honourable (of course of course, there is never honour in war). But was it really Aliens? Or a retort from type O negative people living in sub-space?


Supposedly the allies won ww2. Though we had afterwards what is known as the cold war which we like to call the silent war.

Among other things this was a inovative era. We got micro-chips from Japan after a while, but wait, what if the core of a personal computer; the CPU (Central Processing Unit, Q.P.) has a resonance frequency with say various glands of the body. Of course a psychic megalomaniac would love that cause it would be easier to affect it, but that could also be a component in Cancer we have noticed..Cancer is also a high Zodiac house..

Again we are blaming the Japanese but they did not introduce anything but mainframes maybe, where the end-user would not sit near that quantum field produced by the computer chips but at a harmless terminal..


Of course all the tech after ww2 (it) was plotted on top of other knowledge so we lost common knowledge about various things. Even before that Alopathy (as in General Practictioner) knocked out Homeopathy which of course again is comming back into fashion now under a new name: "Scientists find that Placebo effect may be the new wondercure, but lack Docs who can induce it".

We read on wiki that there is a price to explain Iridology (as it is considered pseudo-science or bluff paranormal). We are born with the eyes we have, if we are born with eyes. Some have what we call "full heterochromia" which means two eyes have different colours, and that means the two brain-hemispheres are good and divergent.

Other have "central heterochromia" which mean around the pupil there is a ring with another colour than the eyes which are often blue. This inner circle develops along with ones aura, and this again in relation to the magnetic field-currents of the Earth etc. And then there is sectoral heterochromia which means like a slice of pie of the eye is different colour, and that may be due to something as simple as a pace-maker. And as noted above electrical things can affect the body in ways , and that should be visible in Iridology as well, but we have not considered that here. It is still easier to explain it than to prove it.


Sasquatch, Bigfoot and The abdonomininbablab (sorry) snowman..:

We suggested seeing a half-wit Shaman on an Indian reservation in America about Big-foot (there is also a "paranormal-prize" for anyone finding Him). Big-foot exists outside something often refered to as "the St.Jehova mind-set". People inside that mind-set usually can not find him and those without maybe do not care. Maybe Jehovas Witness arent that far out but..

Same goes for similar stuff like the Tulpa in Tibet; the abdno..snowman..they are may course be Spirit creatures or some type of Reptoids..


Then there is journeys into the sub-terran physical areas of Earth, not much of that to our knowledge. Maybe ancient Apeman hide/live there buts all we can think of..

The Blind Watch-maker, cf. Dawkins:

We just made a haiku-like poem of this -> "He was a Clock, THAT could walk, THAT could talk, THAT could.." (nothing to do with Dawkins albeit aply it to him if you want to do that..).

Einstein etc Quantum Physics and true life-age:

Physical growth may be dependant on atomic vibration (of say, the body). We are also individuals with our own Einsteian Frame of reference (theoretically) so our physical growth may vary even though is also based on nurishment, and nurture vs mature (notice the words, nur and ma, both with m following n, and with a vocal afterwards etc). .

So some measure age in the Tarot deck has a major Arcana. Goes from 0 to 22 (other the other way around). .


At this stage it may be evident that this essay here means nothing really. It is just words , empty words without "mental" content...

What is a Buddhist? A religious person? No. Streight to it? No. Is it a philosophy or maybe just an attitude towards Life? Spite towards Human disgrace?? Is Life equal reverence? etc? Attituide?

How about some insider tips on Mensa-test? Is the test it self an experiement? Who knows who passed the supposed test?..: Morphic Resonance (cf. Rupert Sheldrake) Vs Critical Mass Vs "A-Room-Full-of-Strangers" Vs Andrija Puharich...


Back to the ww2 aftermath:

We have some interesting allienaces etc to consider, not that we think much about them but one has millitary N.A.T.O of course which one can meditate one (North Atlantic Treaty Organization). There is E.U. which may have been a backflash from the war, something (WIKI): "The European Payments Union (EPU) was an organization in existence from July 1950, until December 1958, when it was replaced by the European Monetary Agreement."

After EPU came EMA (WIKI): "The European Monetary Agreement was an agreement signed in Paris on 5 August 1955. Administered by the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development, it is the successor of the European Payments Union. It provides a multilateral settlement system.[1] The agreement was terminated by OECD in 1972 as its aims were largely replaced by the International Monetary Fund."

Then one has always America (Am'Erica we like to say; The United States) with , well we do not know to much about America except from TV. Else there are other things to Consider, E.F.T.A "European Free Trade Organization" (or something like that, economic things) comprising at least half of the countries that are still not in E.U.,they are Licthenstein, Norway, Iceland and Switzerland.


But in relation to this polar sphere stuff, we have noted the first blue-eyed koala has been born in Australia. Blue eyes in nature is rare and even more rare close to the south pole and they have to do with deafness in nature usually. Formerly there was something called the black lemur living on New Zealand with that type of eye colours..

And seeing what governments are around one would never think the war has ended..but we think there are some "abstract" forces beyond our control that is forcing things like "left" and "right" around the world, maybe some type of Quantum Entanglement..but hopefully is still just transitory as usuall. A world system can not function permanently due to it has its own inherit nature incompatible with the physical universe, say..

There once was spoke of something like our neruological nature; wheels within wheels within wheels, a bit not practicale stance, but to think of it this way: Our cells that make up the body are made out of molecules, the molecules of atoms and atoms of electrons, neutrons and protons and so on it goes, so we have different "layers of existence" in a way, but we are still the total sum, allways.

P.S. D.N.A. "spiral" going up forever and ever. We are considering survival for all: Take a pencil, and draw on a paper this spiral. At the end / top of the spiral draw an arrow...that points upwards, thats the good direction of life, and we think it should be located inner-most in the spiral as this is really not 2d but 3d (but that that cannot be draw on 2d-paper)...it must be several such spirals inter-entwined..

Do not worry Sigmund Freud, the ID escaped a very long time a go, it just took a step to the left and like *BAM*..."darling dear im not here..anymore.."..and Virgin-birth is interesting; a zygote without male D.N.A.? Who have ever heard of such a thing? Technically its surely interesting, along with D.N.A...sometimes the female egg just needs a tiny correction/error..in it..

If the D.N.A. was a melody or musical scale. Then it would be like c-d-d#-f-g-g#-a#-c and a bit of an altered sequence downwards even with something called tritonus...and even Richard Dawkins him-self would have been proud..of it..for sure totally..

All physical sciences are connected and "inter-mixed"; music, physics, medication.., philosophy and so on..that was the classical education for people like Mr. Moz. and Bethoven.., etc..Chakovsky or Tesla for that matter..right? And the internet is a burning bush (cf. Moses)..


Astral Technology?..:

Used to "dematerialize" a maggot, remove m from e=mc2; technically not possible but still valid..somehow..somewhere..in another day..! Then you have "Bruce Cathie" relativity educations / equations, we never know with all these hindu po-boxes..put in your ear..and hear..