UFO's etc, ET's Conspiracy stuff. The ID. UNFINNISHED (still writing it up) document, read it if you can. Expect silly material too.

Annunaki and Nefilim etc: It is said somewhere that we are of the same genetic stock as the Anunnaki but they are noted to live much longer than humans. Though we die young only because of disease or strain of fighting them. Then if they are immortal then we have a bunch of Aliens around the globe that maybe "live their own life" which may explain many things, like Big-Foot described below. How long they actually live no-one knows but we note one thing and that is that they probarly loose any consciousness at least of reality. Or maybe they are lost in the Quantum Dimensions or alternativily loose total consciousness after staying in the Quantum Physics Dimension. More on QP further in the document.

Big-foot and the abominable Snow-man is probably Annunaki stock but may have turned Thor. Annunaki created Man in their image (cf the Bible / Genesis), now they probably created a way for us not to reach them, and in short terms that means that with our minds , the map we have there, it does not allow us to simply go where Big-foot is, he could be next door and we wouldn't "consider" checking there.

Also maybe they did build the pyramids if it was not the elemental gods who did it, and then if they did (the Nefilim etc) then the pyramids and the Sphinx is probarly just the "tip-of-the-ice -berg", i.e. they are entrances to the hollow earth construct. We don't know if there have been done sonar-like surveys of the area but there are in that case no doubt deflectors in the geometric construction of the place (the pyramids) anyway. Maybe that explains the helmholtz crystals etc in what then would be the upper structure (of the pyramids). Egyptian governments have be said that they are timid to allow exploration of certain tunnels in or beneath the pyramids. Safe to say if it's is true that the pyramids are the top of a larger construct then it's insane to say the least in our opinion.

If we're of genetically modified stock why not eat GMO food by the way?? Because the ultimate step in evolution is life-forms that are artificially, no-end to this non-sense.

Polar Region:

As the fixed idea from Newton, that of his apple. An apple does not have two polar regions like science claim Earth has, at least not in the same sense. So we belive that one of them are the true polar region. This is why you can never have a compas point towards the North Pole as the forces only drag in one direction. However there are other things in Quantum Physics that could be made into something. A copper-tube has the property that a magnet with seem to levitate inside it if you drop it trough the copper-tube.

It is not certain if we are to really stay permanently in the true magnetic or what, pole. Brown-eyed near the North Pole include the Eskimo and possibly the Vikings on Icleand. And the indigenous people in northen Scandinavia. We do not know if it is reasonable to think that it does not cause pigmenation and so on and have been responsible for that trough ages causing blue-eyed people to arrive. In the animal world blue eyes is a very rare condition. There is a panda-like animal on Madagascar at least who have blue eyes. Blue in the animal world is also associated with being deaf. The movie "Chicken Run" is called something about Madagascar in Norwegian translation possibly because the movie is set in Madagascar. Outside Iceland an Island / Volcano came out of the sea around 1970.

There are some interesting colour plates from Buckminster Fuller.

Numerology, Naturopathy and Homeopathy.

Numerology seems half-way to be actually "something". We have used to Pythagoras system in tests , programmed on a computer with some twists for "classical" numerology.

Example. "Homoo Erects" (Homo Erectus) get the total value of 18662400 which cross-multiplied again give 2304 (which again can give 24 but in the computer program allowed values up to 3200 because that is compatible with some numerology works even though they may not be used with this particular system here.). 2304 is the date for "Restoration of the Odic (sic) rite which was in 1980 but is celebrated each year on that date, it's also mothers birthdays :)

In binary (duo-decimal) a value like 1001.0000 can be shifted left or right, like around a saucer pan. It can be shifted left to 1.0010.0000 where 144 becomes 288 or left to 0100.1000 which is 72 maybe. Decimal values can also shift and that can be done to "cut" the large values we get from the computer numerology program: 18662400 -> 9331200 -> 4665600 (7776*6*100) -> 2332800 -> 1166400 -> 583200 -> 291600 -> 145800 -> 72900 () -> 36450 -> 18225 -> 9112 -> 4556 -> 2278 > 1139 -> 569 -> 284 -> 142 -> 71 -> 35 -> 20 -> 17. Of course to validate it a bit more we should have had to provide more data than this. We have tried the system with a Cathie like approach (1/x etc) with "herbal formulas" and like this too:

Humulus lupulus (1260) / Angelica Sinensis (1120) = 1.125 (Synergetics Constant S6) -> * Wild Yam = 216 -> * Prikkperikum (St-Johns wort) (360) = 7776.

you may not like it but maybe a botanist would, and maybe Pytagoras somehow knew about the logical structure of latin words even though he probably didn't. All the words used was in Latin. And some people have noted that herbs don't work well which is a mystery and don't know if it is similar to Homeopathy, this Naturopathy. Homeopathy in it self may be more a form of communication (between Doctor and patience, or a patients brain) than that the actual remedies are so fantastically useful, that's the truth maybe.

If it's the truth is somewhat dreadful, all though Australians and modern hoodlums (c.f. movie 'A clockwork Orange') disagree about it still without enough people cured this way and enlightened about it we will realize the ultimate (and said supposedly obvious) potential of the physical and other universes. Maybe exaggerating a bit here.

There was a note in a magazine on the internet that "they" are now finding gigantic potential in, the placebo effect after all, but they "can not find a doctor to use the idea", thus a reinvention of homeopathy?

Alien Computer:

Maybe it gave us our fit gifts. Ti's connected to the internet through CERN or ARPA-NET. No doubt ECHELON is routed through it's AI to further development. A lot of it went wrong. The space-program was really a conspiracy or "filmed in a holywood basement" but the moon may be a magnetron. Surtsey (Tiny Volcanic Iceland outside Island) occurred in 1963. The computer could be from the Atlantis time-period for instance. That is, computers from the "lost-age" may have been merged with current technology.

Another good example is the possible irc.undernet.org b-cluster of AI bots re the work of some professor. IRC is internet-relax chat. Or maybe it relays chat who knows what reality really is? And who ordinary people can perform a Turing test even though some humans probably wouldn't pass it. I mean we are talking about a very large b-cluster which probably have human operators to weed out any dubious Turing matters. It's also called Sentiment analysis:

"Generally speaking, sentiment analysis aims to determine the attitude of a speaker or a writer with respect to some topic or the overall contextual polarity of a document. The attitude may be his or her judgment or evaluation (see appraisal theory), affective state (that is to say, the emotional state of the author when writing), or the intended emotional communication (that is to say, the emotional effect the author wishes to have on the reader)."


All technology either in idea or what come from maybe the astrological age. Gemini was the last air-sign in the row. We are now in the 11th astrological age in terms of a cyclic thing. But according to relativity the Moon could also be the center of the Universe. At least the moon share a common center of gravity with the earth. There are many theories or models like General Relativity and Exact Classical Mechanics.

The astrological ages go in reverse. Supposedly Aries was the top in the age before Pisces. The elements go forward for some reaoson we are now in an Air or technology-science age. The last was Pisces the fishes so that's why science and Darwinism claim that we evloved from the Sea because the last astrological age was an water element, if not we are in the age of the water bearer which is similar.

Quantym Physics..in theory!! Not. Just a general overview of Life, Existence etc..

We worked long and hard to build the quantum structure on Earth. Including the world energy-grid centered on the North Pole with three corners in addition. This enables us to move the Earth (in accordance). That is that we can make the planet "jump" around the four corners, or from one to another corner. The four corners of the "tetrahedron" remind better about "the world" Tarot card by the way which is currently encircled by four so-called Cherubs, this is not compatible with gemotery, this message is not in the right section.

A good example is the old world grid (last air age or something) versus the new one i.e. fiber optics everywhere not pyramids and "ley-lines" and are the two compatible? Two? Whom? Too?

By the way Adam is the most wanted criminal on Earth by now, the biblical bloke. I say let me eat cake for once.

A question is that since we've already possibly flipped us upside down in relation to space, will the cosmos it self, flip us back if it doesn't like what GAIA (?) have done..

That is the so-called Big Bang. The Galactic federation, may currently be in Bön-Buddhistic Hell, which may be why we did build the grid and all that in the first place, or maybe as some form of defence measure.

Since we as humans are not etheral beings so to speak, we have aquired a strange type of consciousness in addition to the normal one. To put it short, in our complex biology a type of consciousness theoretical Aliens may not have.

The Hell mentioned, is not Hell as we usually term it on Earth. This occurs in our what we could term “Haven” here on Earth as typical crime-like stuff not related to the Galactic Warfare. Man is a peacefull creature and most so-called crime is a result of what we can only term as too unreasonable behaviour in the first place.

When we say theoretical and etherical Aliens, we think of possible plasma life-forms on the Sun and the rest of the planets around. It's not quite certain that those entities would have a brain. This may not be the real Aliens but we wanted to mention it.

In that way maybe they should be described as parallel universes.

Again the QP structure on Earth; this may be a "high-profile" project. Possibly if it still actually does NOT exist yet, plans could be implemented in various electromagnetic facilities, like power-plants, nuclear plants, those plants that convert high/low voltage ok, and a simple computer program will adjust the parameters as described elsewhere in Cathie-23 on the main-page, though it's not certain we will achieve this but since it may have been done it the past maybe we can.

THE ID. (Manifestation of the sub-conscious)

The ID seems to be everywhere and with it can know everything. The ID is commonly known as "the will" as in the logical manifestation of creation. Extremely stuff. It may even be responsible for theories above on QP, where there now is a "foundation" (all electrical stations and plants on the planet) for future QP stuff like the Philadelphia Experiment, but it's a fact we are not sure if that experiment is what it usually is claimed to be.

This is a rough theory with no new info on the so-called "Crystal Children" and The Apocalypse(?).

A bit more additional information. One cycle of light can have the so-called harmonic value of 1440. With an additional anti-matter cycle it's doubled then and become 2880. That's why we point out that above.

These values are totally related to normal values for speed-of-light but they are in something akin to sea-miles not kilometres, a sea-mile is actually not the same as land-mile because the sea probably "curves" in another way than what solid land-mass does because that it is water. That is true except that it has to have something to do with Quantum Physics.

Crystal Children, was set up to survey the Universe through the mind or brains usually unused or rather what the brain does that normally is not visible no on ones consciousness and the Palladium chips record that inform-form from the back-brain or something and send it to an Old almost like an AI from Atlantis , or an AI recovered from Atlantis for analysis or something there. We think this id quite a conspiracy, but it may actually be close to the truth!.

The actual system was probably set up load time ago by someone long dead, but real-time time here is not the calendar date then. Then we have gone from year 4012/0 to 2012 (c.f. Jesus), but no-one knows this for certain. The top of the Chain that generated this is long dead. If the idea about time going backwards for 2000 years then Aleister Crowley could have had a chip (beast) as he claimed after all.

Many of the Crystal Children have probably had their transmitters hacked by Reptoid-like beings, maybe diverting the signals to the Nazi-Base on Antarctica or at Arctica, but this stuff is getting pretty far fetched. Or somewhere in the hollow Earth. The moon and Earth have a gravity center that is not directly totally in the middle of the Earth but actually not in the dead center.

If the Eridians did this on Earth then it is no surprise that they can not get the speed-of-light value exactly into one derived from natural algorithms because of the physical or quantum physical technology involved, which can never be equal to natural glands say in the brain, if they can have similar functions.

Albeit if we really went from year 4012 to 2012 (and now 2014) there must have been a bit of Chaos or some other explanation, maybe lack of consciousness must fit. Not many from even the last 100 years have attested that we we're going backwards in time from some advanced civilization in year 4012/0. There are a few reports around the globe that could point towards it but hardly as much as one could expect. Have a very nice day please. !!! :) These notes are a bit scrappy but it is just a theory.