ABOUT us: #tantra @ irc.undernet.org.

#tantra is a chat room on the realtime , flop, I mean network called Undernet. In this channel / chat-room we are supposed to help and understand each other and Tantra. There are some people that are more or less in charge, but that may not mean that they are more enlightened than others , or more responsible , but they do exert some amount of control on the Chaos that ensues from a live real-time Tantric chat..not that there is really any much chaos..

You can talk about whatever that you want.

We are using the old chat-system called IRC which is short for: Internet Relay Chat, which means that the net or internet (which also has WWW that you are using now) simply relays information between different places. This is via the Undernet as opposed to EFNET. Undernet consists of various "servers" (i.e. servant computers) connected together. Click here for more info on Undernet.

As that you are in a virtual like or cyberspace location when visiting #tantra @ irc.undernet.net , it can not be certain that emotions travel that far through the tubes that connect the internet. This increase your freedom of communication greatly because it can bypass things and you can write without bad conscience that you may otherwise have. That is why we have some people that oversee the chat-room so that yo can not go overboard with us. Anyway we are mature people so there will not be problems.

Ok, very very interesting but what is Tantra then? With Tantra we increase or active potential in our selves. The following may not be standard ideas, but one's Universe contains things like TKU (Telekinetic Unit) EMU (Electromagnetic Unit) CLU (Central Logical Unit) and other things. Also we are energy entities. So through tantra we clean and use this stuff with rage from the heavens , psi the chakaras and so on.

From the book Kundalini Tantra: "...Although you may have already been introduced to yoga, it is also necessary for you to know something about tantra. Since ancient times, the wise have realized that the mind can be expanded and that experiences do not necessarily ...". We have been pointed to that Tantra came into Existence paired with the so-called Kali-yuga.

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