“Physical Telekinesis” and “Morphic and Physical Resonance”. “Dark Matter”.

Famous Spoon-bending:

We finally figured out this one, maybe. It may be akin to like an upgrade version of the also famous "warm hands", maybe. Well known Uri Geller is probably not a fake, but he probably and rightfully maybe, makes a show out of his skills. All though we should not blame Uri Geller as we only have a hazy memory of him doing it, so maybe he is just a random name for the sake of this argument.

Because in this type of thing that has been called physical telekinesis, then physical energy is transfered from the hand holding the spoon and into the spoon bending it, maybe. It's difficult to go into detail on how this works as one would probably need military quantum physics apparatus to measure exactly how the energy flows function during. An additional note and similarity is people who can short-circuit electronic equipment, but it's not a mind thing as the stage artists and some movies make it look like.

So we can not go into details on the energy flows (between the spoon and the person holding it) but we can go into detail on why a human body should be capable of something like this.

We may remember that maybe akin to the various "bodies" (astral, etheric, etc) that one is supposed to be consisted of in spirituality. This version is we have our molecular body, our atomic body (E=mc2), and below the atomic level, our quantum bodies, all these should exist on some type of parallel. So while we are physical we are also "atomic-electric" as well?

Because of this mechanism, it is probably a mystery to anyone why it's not a more common "ability", since it should be a logical and natural phenomenon on examination.

Morphic Resonance Experiment:

We got this idea from Rupert Sheldrake and Mensa tests. Due to the above explanation on the "layers" of our bodies the following becomes interesting?

We put together a group of people in a room (or a lab, etc), with similar education but with a variance, of some percentage, in specialty. The various persons can not have distinct specialties as their knowledge etc should overlap. Then have them in the designated shared space and have them work on the same problem on paper, or maybe have them read them same book (of course relating somewhat to the knowledge they already have).

The nature of existence; we must remember if we ignore scientific dogma, the the nature or logical potential of existence, should enable the crew set up to oscillate physically, and hopefully(?) over-oscillate (also cf. Charismatic Technology etc) as in music synthesizer equipment. (A side note this is probably useful in remote-viewing groups as well, but we are not skilled in that).

Another way of looking at it is as in Bucky's science Synergetics, where it is explained how a Jet-engine works.

It works by making an alloy of different metals of various PSI strength, and what the point about is that even though their total psi-strength for the various metals in the alloy maybe be x, in the Jet-engine the various alloys does not add but sort of multiply (or more correctly create some kind of resonance) each other giving the rock hard stability of the Jet engine.

Dark Matter:

The above may not answer absolutely everything so we need additional comments and the missing link; dark matter. It should be noted that the following below easier to imagine as a concept than to write down on paper, so the notes are short. Again, it's difficult to visualize spatial in three dimensional space.

If one look at the well known Taoistic symbol of yin and yang and apply it to physics we can get some of the following reasoning.

One part of the symbol, say the white with the black dot, represents physical matter. This is “enveloped” in the other part of it; the black with the white dot, which may represent so-called dark matter which at least may have a property of stopping physical matter growing uncontrollably; maybe providing it with a type of gravity. It may also provide the medium somehow for how morphic and physical resonance occurs.

The so-called dots of white and black, in the black and white, may signal that the two things communicate or influence each other, or something similar, maybe like a push-pull-contract..effect or like a "mirror" image reflection of the opposite .