pseudo-science; paraphysical stuff (the new world for paranormal around here) and extreme positive nihilsm.

So apparently some dancing giraffe on science fiction, and with some androids..just trying to find a cure for that

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N.B. First we take Manhattan..:

Some problems arise with this web-page: 1. It may be claimed to be pseudo-science, or verus that 2. We may actually be on to something and those that consider it science may take free advantage over it. You can google the frequency tables from (29/6480)**(n+1) and will not find them elsewhere. We regrett to point out the link to Buddhism but what would that indicate? Nothing of course. But also the painfull nothingness? Or is "potential" of physical existence exciting rather?:.

But one might complain there are noe practical application of this site, and that may be right yet, except for that the brain might recognize unconsciously more than the conscious mind.

10.June 2016: If this is related to general or special relativity is not know.

If outer space may consist of Fuller's "all-space-filling cells" then are theory is that near at the intersection or boarders of these cells space my by less (or more) than empty i.e. inverted; less then 0 zero space.

Under a condition such at that then the speed-of-light (or any speed in genereal) would have to increase because say less resistance in space that is as such; inverted.

And it may have links to so-called dark matter.

This is possible to visualize though that does not make it a reality. Though we are looking for some images that could illustrate this; now we only have:

There might be a "halloween scare" (if it's a scare is not moot, it really depends on communication skills and pedagogical abilities) , that the universe¨ isn't really made out of these things; electrons , protons and neutrons and so on, only "something" that behaves as such (which we don't know what is). The commonication may be dependant on what on can telepathy and empathy.

March 23: Working on cathie-08.html..Maybe have found expressions for Field A and B and Field Difference..etc. And another electromagnetic equation (April 25).

February 29: This page could use you help, maybe. (Economically and intelectually)

And.. check out the link to the old page below if you want more to read, as it has not been merged with this design yet.

N.B. Everything on this page is technical and theoretical only..

Tesla: There seems to confusion on what he supposedly said probably in his own semantics "The powers of 3,6,9", which true seems to be 3!, 6! and 9! which are: 6,720,362880. So hope that clears something up or not. I.e. powers are not to be inteprited as exponentialts in this particular case. So just a manner of Babel.

Critisim of Herrigel: This site finds Herrigels book "Der Zen Weg" to be interesting regardless. It might also be an extreme Haiku, at least the first pages we managed to swim through of the English renderition was a Haiku or Koan, as we have mentioned before. But there also seems to be a bit of Hentai in reading it regularily so maybe that's a source of something.

And some defence of his book "Zen in the Art of Archery":

Herrigel has a "master" who manages to hit the bulls-eye and hit the arrow in the bulls-eye which apparently has something like sigma-11 co-incidence factor to it:

  • Well even if it was extraordinary luck by A. (Master) no-one is to say that it can not be considered beautifull since we all have our own oppinion about things.

  • Weather or not it actually was abilities of A or a sort of fluke of the universe, we understand it such that Budhism tries to tell us there is really no way of discovering anything about that..


"There is an area of the mind that could be called unsane, beyond sanity, and yet not insane. Think of a circle with a fine split in it. At one end there's insanity. You go around the circle to sanity, and on the other end of the circle, close to insanity, but not insanity, is unsanity." (From 'The Beyond Within: The Rise and Fall of LSD' (BBC documentary, 1987)); And if this is thought of as "social" circle it makes more sense. We have noticed people doing this for different purposes..

In the context of this one can imagine the well known CIA-man who did tests to see if "plants" feel..(supposedly his "plants" reacted to lie-detectors attached to them), though this doesnt mean that real plants dont feel, but most known plants arent offencive and as such we dont need to do much else than water our house-plants, etc.

.. Lobotomy: Probably causes mind-reading. Because it relegates thinking to the sub-conscious.

December 2015. Got the list form (29/6480)**(n+1) which shows logical progression in the quantum or something; maybe frequencies, and its "indefinete integral" which creates a magnetical field per square inch and its dynamics in this proposition of the E equation! (With our own relativity equation.)s

November 2015. Redesign of site. Now contains only (Quantum) Physics Material for now. Gave up printing out the about 20 articles to rehash it, but we will see. Updating sight design to make it look SPECIAL(?).

Check out these chewtube songs: Anti-millitary indoctrinary stuff.

ARTICLES: (some are in the beta stage which is some term for..)

February 2016: Lo-Fi Recap, some notes so far

January 2016: E=mc2 and 440hz vs 432. And even more!

Nov-Dec 2015: Quantum Evolution: Progressive list of harmonics showing everything and its integral.. as with Dec 2015. Frequencies?

Nov-Dec 2015: (still in redesign) Stuff.. Look at it. E=1440/6660/360, E=Ancient art. ETC. E=DNA. Graphs/Images.

Nov-Dec 2015: (still in redesign) Alternating-Alternating Current. Graphs/Images.

Image-databse The images that came with Bruce Cathie documentary DVD.

2015: Contrapoint. (beta)

2015: Any truth or explanation about Homeopathy? Plus Yin yang explained in a physics framework. (beta)

2015: Supranature; Uril Geller. Mensa-test stuff. And Tao/ Yin-yang again. (beta)

2015: Rewriting of the above article. (beta)

2013/2014: What we have called "worst case UFO-nut scenario". (beta)

2013/2014: Another version of the above. (beta/draft).



In the beginning..

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