Science behind musical tuning.,

E=x into A=440 vs A=432, but maybe 437.4 hz..etc..:

The stuff below the table may be to complicated written. The formula for calculating HZ of an A is anyway (4*(sqrt(2))/((1/c)*5/2)) where c in the equation, represent a spesific number (multiplied by square root of 2) based on certain "logical" things which will be shown in the table below. Actually the formula can be simplified into 16x/5. Still interesting that it's dervied form an E equation.

ccalculationIn (4*(sqrt(2))/((1/c)*5/2))Explanation
137.5*sqrt(2)137.5 = Phi of 360440Standard Pop/Rock Tuning of A.
135*sqrt(2)(135 is the smallest number with
exactly 7 representations as a sum of 4
positive squares: 135==1^2+2^2+3^2+11^2==
432Tuning of A in Classical music.
132.7104*sqrt(2)132.7104=((288/625)*2**3*6**2)424.67328Experimental HZ
136.6875*sqrt(2)136.6875=1/(2**11)*6**7437.4Closer to Randal Roffe's A.
  • This both may come from the fact that (4*(sqrt(2))/((1/c)*5/2)) which with c as 137.5 (small phi of 360) and times sqrt(2), give 440. (Or that 440 is 288 in the octal-decimal system, we have yet to explain the math so much. Except standard music; a musical scale contain 8 notes..)

    NEW! A simpler way of putting it is they could all be derived from 16x/5 with the same digits though as above.

    But why do people seem to like or dislike different frequencies? Is it because of Annunaki mind-framework or possibly is it some tech from the Nordics/Pleiadians.

    Other places on this site we have shown how E equation might be related to DNA so the above might not be so true.

  • But 137.5 is related to the Phylotaxis fractal which makes a sphere look more like an egg, i.e. with a core. The musical scientists are always trying to find way to make the sound they make sound even more pleasant in terms of HZ to our ears..though a too fine-tuned sound may be dangerous for physical structures unfortunately:

    Phyllotaxis fractal:

  • The actually conversion between 440 in decimal and 288 can probably be calculated in another way too. Point being 288 is twice the reciprocal from Schuman resonance times Synergetics constant 6 from geometry/synergy. (128*2*1.125).1/128 is also known as the E.L.F. frequency, Extremely Low Frequency, of the Earth.

  • If we check what the first formula would be to result in 432 which seems to be in fashion again we get 135*sqrt(2) as c.

  • (135 is the smallest number with exactly 7 representations as a sum of 4 positive squares: 135==1^2+2^2+3^2+11^2==1^2+2^2+7^2+9^2==1^2+3^2+5^2+10^2==1^2+6^2+7^2+7^2==2^2+5^2+5^2+9^2==3^2+3^2+6^2+9^2==5^2+5^2+6^2+7^2)

  • Another "logical" one to test would be c=((288/625)*2**3*6**2)*sqrt(2) into this E=((4*(sqrt(2))/((1/c)*5/2))) which give E=424.67328, but we currently have not been in a position to try it out. The E equation here is the math program Mathematica suggestion for rearranging one of Bruce Cathie equations.

    Though if one does something called mathematical integration (as in Calculus) of this one and plot it we get a line that cuts straight cross (difficult to explain) the x/y axis so that it makes out triangles. We do have a picture: (EDIT: Apparently the picture is no-good anyway.)

  • We also have 1/(2**11)*6**7=136.6875 which give E=437.4 and this one is the closest maybe to Roffe`s mention below.

  • In some numerical "base" 666 represents 438 in base-10..
  • In our experience though, we can not remember while using a synthesizer with some functions (frequency modulation and subtractive synthesis), that any bass in other note than F sound "cool" (i.e. pronounced) with neither of these familiar frequencies:

  • Fear; Dear; Earth; Bear; Care;Hell,(Hear) come to mind, i.e. C,D,E,F,G,A,H..

  • Roffe. in the link-out article to the right here left on the screen suggest something like a tone between Bb and C, which may suggest Alpha at 137.252 should be used.

  • Maybe someone could make a something for the stereo amplifier to retune akin to "loudener". Such a switch on the radio or stereo would..

    And there are already popular software that detune your music to 432hz which is in fashion due to something that looks like something about phylotaxis fractal.., even though 137.5 is the value that can only produce phylotaxis propperly, not even Alpha at 137.252 works with that one, though that one is not spherical but flat, i.e not 3-D..

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