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Atomic Detonation and Schuman Resonance. Tanzania Earthquake.

A quick look at Harmonic Constants (again).

Some possible values for fields dimensions "Z" seems as follows by computer calculation:

Curiously the values are derived from field difference which is to get field B: (difference*5/2) then the rest is of course obvious. N.B. This is done at only maturity depth 8 on our computers.

Later computation have shown that difference which is what we computed, is fluctuating. Interesting that it almost reaches harmonic 3600 on the y-axis..

The above is not quite connected to trying to measure field B that seems to be 8551.526345827055 when calculated with 16/6480..

Added together we get Field A: 12112.946510890542.

Added field B again total: 20664.4728567176.

Values for fields dimensions "T" seems as follows by computer calculation:

"Dimension" Z is calculated from harmonic 29, while T is from harmonic / natural constant 1.5545631755148026 from (sqrt(((n/3)*(n*5)/2)*2.9))/n while 29 is from (1/(n*5/2)+1/(n*2/5))*n.

Possible dimension F? (this is also from the program):

Calculating field strength difference:
accuracy: 1 1.9902680687415704
accuracy: 2 8187361.212057615
accuracy: 3 8190573.555436113
accuracy: 4 8190573.634768802
accuracy: 5 8190573.634770768
accuracy: 6 8190573.634770768
accuracy: 7 8190573.634770768
Field A strength,: 28667007.721697688(harmonic 1434342774409298.5)
Field B strength,: 20476434.08692692 (harmonic 143319711343.237)
> Total: 49143441.80862461

See cathie04 for "breakdown" of dimensional "qualtities".

So that was three theoretical dimensions etc.

Are we destroying our selves, yet? Sinistry of Alpha.

There is no harm in postulating that ..somone is trying to destroy the planet once and for all. That's free speach and all people should be mentally stable enough to decide something about it for the selves. But who / what does does this have to do with The Finestructure Constant Alpha?

Cathie might unwittingly have provided a clue. He writes "..one particular scientist spent many hours multiplying pi by a series of numbers hoping to come up with the value of alpha". though this is rather abstract in contrast with out program loop which yield a closer value to alpha each 8,80,800,8000 iteration and so on.

And as above so below..and 8 is also a harmonic of lightning strikes around the globe daily (8 million times per day actually) and so if then that again is linked with alpha and we have increasing nuclear activity things should unfortunatley close in on something..like a kitchen-sink dripping..untill "something" is unlashed when we reach optimal alpha.

The program runs the following command:

def yzz(n): #returns some multiples of 4 or 5 per 29..no? or sub-sequence?
for x in range(1,n): # n=842 output=145, 929=160, 581=100,
....y=y+(x/harmonic(x)) # 523=90, 465=80,

An output of yzz(8000000) which takes a few minutes on an ordinary laptop is 1379310.1724137932. And so there is an indication that it "stretches" towards 138, but we don't know as we don't have a super-computer to calculate with. But it is close to 4000000/29, though 3999999/29 gives a normal digit: 137931 which where it gets complicated because that digit divided by 216 is 638.5694444444445 ..which is way out of leauge for gravity, unfortunately..but maybe then is safe to say that nuclear detonations break the speed of light possibly.

The "Carl" Munch hoax. Just a screen-play?

We have seen Carl Munch on youtube here and no dub he has a voice similar to that of the introduction to say the twilight zone, here. Though any real Munch was industrialist and philantrophist in Bergen Norway which is known to have had a "computer" already as early as i the 60s so they would have had plenty of time to prepare "Carl" Munch..