Factorials / Sub-factorials of integer 288.

An interesting pattern emerges with 288 and it's factorials multiplied by 16 or maybe 7.25 which are value derived from equations elsewhere.Each of all the values that add up to 288 are multiplied by 16 or 7.25. Also we do recognize that these values may coalesce with CPS range researched by Valerie Hunt. Her theory is that the human energy field it can be measured. We do think that these values may also be related to this integer range from 288.

The integer range follows a logical pattern in any case even if it should turn out not to be related to the CPS range. We could also take one of the resulting integers and create a new range from those again. And they do seem to fit with the Schumann Resonance as well. The source of the material states brainwaves go up to 30 cycles per second, but here it can be seen that the value may be 32 or even 48.

The heart is said to reach 250, and in this table it's 256. We have not filled in everything in these "frequency bands" , but the point is that they are all included in 288 and that 288 can considered a value for wholeness. The higher bands then are said to be related to what has become known as psychic stuff.

2 ->32, brainwaves.
3 ->48, brainwaves?
4 ->64
6 ->96
8 ->128
9 ->144
12 ->192
16 ->256. heart-beat, end of so-called biological functions. maybe optimal "even" beat.
18 ->288. possibly heart-beat and the body can be fine-tuned up to this too, or this may be considered an "odd" beat
The above may represent two different gears , one containing rest and one being constant.
24 ->384.
32 ->512
36 ->576
48 ->768
72 ->1152
96 ->1536
144 ->2304

Constant / Statics 7.25 , 16 and 76.

(1/(n*5/2)+1/(n*2/5)) * n == 0.29

1/(n*5/2) / 1/(n*2/5) == 16.00

The above values use primes 2 and 5 and any random value to give the integers / statics / constants. Other values can be derived including 3. One of those values are 76. An extra value is 4.915960401250875. This last value when used as a tangent and maybe square-root could be the speed of light as we not sure if it should be exactly 5 as proposed on "greatdreams" website.

Exactly 5 subtraced by the value above leaves 0.0840395987491247. The result from this figure in harmonic equation 2 multiplied by six gives light reciprocal 0.0694922166576436. The equation for 4.91.., is sqrt(145/6) but was originally programmed as (sqrt((((n/3)*(n*5)/2)*29))/n) where n can be any integer, this may be tedious may be tedious but it shows that the three first primes 2,3 and 5 are involved along with 29.

This somehow ties in with the first harmonic equation. So either 5 or 4.91 must be related to quantum physics and said speed of light somehow. Maybe then 5 is representative of both speed of light and it's reciprocal since the offset value produce ~6.944. So there is a another link here to classical text-book values in physics. The "greatdreams" website states that the tangent of speed-of-light in KM is identical to sqrt(5).

A problem of course is that this reciprocal exceeds the speed-of-light. We have not tried to calculate the value.

Allso the number of elements with isotopes is said to be 144*8 which is 1152, but 76*16 is 1152+64==1216, if that matters. 1217 is a prime.

index (C)61*33=2013.