Link between Cathie and Fuller and constant 29, maybe overdone this page.

Sphere with surface of 1446 and one with 1602 (comments in italic):

>>> harmonic(1446,1602) (computer function)
(real gravity "potential"?) >>> _*6
>>> _*6
115.82326869806094 >>> _*6
694.9396121883657 (gravity-meters/sec?)
>>> 1/_
0.0014389739517812186 (speed-of-light reciprocal)
x/6*6*6=6.661916443431568e-06(real speed of light?)
Probably important to denote that speed of light is related to gravity or mass from this above so that the last value above (since e=mc2 or Cathie's formulas) then mass has this value. With Cathie formula one again for the last value above we get 647.996921111484 which's reciprocal is 0.0015432172089409604 a higher-value than speed of light, with the second formula 7.871356657207311 (72), both slight larger than maxium speed of light but maybe the matter-anti-matter cycle is not taken into account.

The point maybe here is that (Bruce Cathie's) gravitational and light harmonics show up from dividing two Bucky spheres together , multiplying by a constant-like, shifting with 6..

And depending on which sphere is divided by which one maybe get either 1/144 or the reciprocal 6.944. If a larger one is divided by smaller one maybe one end up with speed-of-light harmonic not gravitational.

Another one:

>>> harmonic(1962,362)
>>> _*6
>>> _*6
>>> _*6
>>> _*6

The fine-structure constant may have showed up to but we lost the files with output due to a power-surge. :(

It seems somehow logical that in combining two spheres one of them would loose it's axis / spin (+2).

Link between "Harmonic Equations" and B.Fuller equations.

Bruce Cathie's equations do not come "out of the box" so to speak. We are informed that they can not be used as regular equations and that special manipulation of the figures used in the equations have to be done. The same goes for other calculations where normal mathematical rules do not apply all the time, for better of worse.

But we have tried computing the equations the way they are anyway and found some correlations with B. Fuller:

Equation 2. E=(2*c*sqrt(1/(2*c)))*(2*c)**2). (Hopefully we have no brackets error in it.).

If C=18 then E=7776 which almost can be found in 2nf**2+2 where n is 3 and f 36; 7778.
If C=32 then E=32768 same as the above where n is 1 and f 128; 32768.

The figures that almost match but they lack +2. We have done extensive search to see if there are more hits, yet.

Harmonic 14348907.

While running various mathematical cycles etc we found a candidate for a speed-of-light harmonic: 14348907. This figure is half of an equation 14348907/1048576 which is equal to 1/(2**35)*6**16. 1048576 is equal to 1024000*1.024 but we have found no similar result when trying to compare the harmonic to 14400000. The reduction from maximum light speed would be 51093, an unknown figure (albeit 51093/6/6/6/6 = 39.42361111111111 very close to some figure in the mathematical tables in the last one of Bruce Cathie's books, table 3; H' or L' ..unfortunately the electromagnetic tables does not seem to be explained in the book only table 2 seems explained)

Further 39.42361111111111 x36 / s6 (1.125) == 1261.5555555555554 which could be one (A) of the two Earth Magnetic Fields (Cathie states there is not one but two..magnetic fields in the Earth though we suppose it could easily be more complicated)..Field A in Cathie's text-book is 1257.139.., but maybe this is irrelevant, in addition it is not certain that we should use 14348907 as a starting point, because it could be a flaw in log() and e system which isn't ..and 1440000 should be used after all, but then again if secret physics research , something, maybe the lower levels of their system like mathematics, are tuned to be compatible with their stuff.

Coincidentally normal research has it that an electron outside the protons in what may be the nucleus of an atom has the weight 1/1850 of proton and neutron mass (an electron weighs 1/1850 of a proton, and Cathie states Field A has 1850 as value, coincidence?). From this maybe it may be conclude that the whole of Earth is a sort of "sponge-thing" where reactions happen inside the whole of the biosphere's electro-magnetic field..That is that the Earth is an "absolute"..

While searching the net we found that log(14348907) / log(27) == 5. Also the harmonic is equal to 27**5 where 27 is the number of grid-hours in a day but it's not certain that that's relevant. We are trying to do a ..mathematical analysis of all this that fits like a glove to speak, we don't want any logical aberrations, but as you can see nothing here makes sense other than that it shows that it probably sometime can make sense.

Again 14348907/1.125 (Synergetics Constant) -> /(6**9) == 1.265625 (Synergetics Constant)..i.e. 1.265625*1.125*(6**9) == 14348907.., then is there anything that will give 14400000? Replacing 1.125 and 1.265625 with x and y give 1.27013 and 1.12901 where x*y then == 1.4339894713..another harmonic, so something is contained in this puzzle but it's a bit difficult to figure out what..

Other "logical" constants.


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