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So apparently like some dancing giraffe on science fiction, and with some androids..just trying to find a cure for that life..existing...

The placebo effect and Homoeopathy. And the problem of war.


  • Hahnmann (inventor) is said to have been locked in a room, by his father when he was young, to study..


  • He, points to the principles of the science as vital force (i.e. life's inherit potential), and "the dynamis" which has a subtle meaning.

  • Homoeopathy starts by curing the obvious emotional barriers against healing by life's mentioned potential, and has a further system.

  • It use ludicrously diluted chemicals as medicine because they are simply a communication medium, thus what they call "dynamis". It makes the body do something dynamics.

  • They are also diluted or rather "tuned" to the response one which in the patient.

    (cf. Marry Coddington, In search of the healing energy / In search of the energy healing. Either title is actually printed on the published book for some unknown reason?)

  • Thus this becomes the realization of the potential of the placebo effect "where they can't find a doctor to do the communication of this wonderful potential". (cf. National Geographic news)

  • This is also part of the plot of the movie "The Wizard of Oz".

  • The problem with exposing this is that it may be unwanted "enlightenment", or as Germans say "Enchlichment" (english: actually / really).

  • We show what may be the German term as it is closer linguistically.

  • That introduce the element of being cynical about it or not, of course. But this information is also imperative to troublesome patients.

  • Troublesome patients can be those insisting on expensive allopathic medicine. Albeit of course the principle of allopathy relies on the physical trumping the psychological even if Homoeopathy is meta-physical.

War and the Tao of Astro-Dynamics..

  • Arguments and war may risk breaking out due to the principles outlines above; how they apply to us in general. And this is what the Tao describes.

  • The yin and yang are the proper balance in all this, which is a positive point.

  • As an example in astro-dynamics: Physical matter can not be allowed to spread and grow like wildfire.

  • Yes. So this is the Yin, the Yang give barrier against this; a protecting dark matter.

  • But further since the yin and yang are also contained in each other they provide means to how this process can allow for small amounts of "overrun" etc.

Mu! How do we react to all this? Do we start at the top again??



In the beginning..

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