The Harmonics of "Imaginary" molecular value for H203 and "Real" value for H203 / Ozonated Water.

We looked up molecular mass of H2O3, which said it was 50.0141. You will see we find "imaginary" value to be 50.141:

So we miss-calculated: 50.141-45 (degrees) = 5.141, then x*36=185.076 (looks like Cathie/Tesla 1850 Harmonic).

(..What are we really doing here? Molecular mass as angles? Maybe convert it to radians will give a clue. 50.141 Degrees are 0.8751 Radians. 5.141 is 0.089727 radians. Can't do much but 1/x the 0.8751 Radians and see what Results we get in equation which is for instance 8/(800*lLi-81)≃1.1427265455376528396 as 1/x. Here the digits are somewhat familiar 8, 800 and 81. lLi is Liouville's constant is a strange one: == 0.11000100000000000000000100... a "trancendental number": the first decimal constant to be proven "trancendental". But is this getting us anywhere?..5.141 to radians → 0.089727*2⁴=1.435632 → 1/x≃ the difference in remaining angles/radians is tuned to a speed-of-light and gravity harmonic at least...and reminder from 1.44 is 0.004368...

Then we have 6 times one 6-fold circle. That is is is 6 circles. What about it? The possible inter-relations between 6 circles is 15 from (((n**2)-n)/2) where n=6. Then again 1/15*216=144. Thus we might believe we're on the right track assuming 6 concentric or whatever, circles each 6-fold. But really no-where near a logical explanation of this what has been deemed "crazy" calculations. An attempt at "explaining it" must be done for all our sakes.

Note: We have 2**5=32 → x*s6=36 (S6 again is Synergetics constant S6=1.125). Equals 2nf²+2 where n=2 and f=3 2*2*(3²)+2=38, +2 for polarity added. That's a 3 frequency octahedron; 38 spheres. Maybe this another explanation for 36/38. No-one is saying we can't remove 2 for spin from Fuller's equations, really, and then use them in this. These calculations. 36+2 spheres in the outer layer of the Octahedron. And Octahedron might fit with Vector Equilibrium to fill space. Total number of spheres in a 3f Octahedron seems to be 69. Maybe vague but 69*60 is 4140..Castling / .. of 1440..

On a side-note with 185.076 degrees converted to radians it also equals 1.0282 "semi-circles" which x*6⁷=287830.1952 → x/2 = 143915.0976 → 144000-x=84.9024. Light Harmonics Everywhere...

But no visualization or even conceptualizing. These notes might help though, hopefully at least in filling the sub-conscious so that it eventually might generate us a something. The six circles though might be arranged around a 7th one, for some economity in space. 6 circles fit in 2D around 1 circle; "Hexagonal Packing". Maybe this tells us something or not.

So initially 50.141 degrees subtracted 45 degrees leaving us with 5.141 which we distribute twice in say a spiral of 6-fold. First in the inner-circle, then the six outer ones on "Hexagonal Packing". First multiplied by only six is getting us 30.846 → x*36= our 185.076 with interesting "neighbors" like (648*pi)/11≃185.068367. Or (75*pi²)/4≃185.055082...but ..

But! It does say that our six concentric circles have gravity potential. These 15 inter-relationships if we give head-space for that we need to calculate the way we did to get to 144. Of course calculation that way needs "logic" or conceptualization as well, eventually....)

Then anyway our whatever frequency octahedron = 18540.

So 1850.76-18540=3.24, then 3.24*6=19.44; a Harmonic. Also 144+108=324,..alternative: 144=36+36+36+36, 108=36+36+36.

Yes, the math seem a bit haphazard ,and we even used the "wrong" molecular mass..Though we might say that we calculate it with the 18540 Harmonic above because of something how Chemical Reactions might happen in our Earth Quantum.

1/1944*216=0.11111111111111..or from 324: 1/144 = gravity harmonic 69444.. and 1/108 = unknown harmonic 0.00925925925..all though x*6=0.055555555555555 (related to the Coulomb) and further x*36=2. Though gravity + the coulomb?

We thought H2O3 was the so-called deuterium heavy water produced to make nuclear bombs.

The difference though between the real mass and the one we used no wonder, is 1296 harmonic which is 216*6, finally. Actually it's 6⁴-27=1269

Thus possibly one has to ..we're not all that into chemistry and such, but one might want to increase the energy of the Oxygen..some particle in the Oxygen in H203 by what would be molecular mass 0.1269. Since it's 6⁴-27 it might not be the ever worst thing to try. Nobody wants bottled H2O3!

On 50.0141: Something is (roughly) (2/5)e^2*srt*(7*pi/3) ≃ 50.01408196. Or Pc(BCC Bond)+41=50.0141.

And on 50.141: "Percolation threshold" appear again as Pc(5D site)+50=50.141. Otherwise we have for instance 2e!+9+12*e≃50.14102289. One can quickly forget the associations from these "possible closed" forms of any number as quickly as one understand them. One can also try and correlate.

©"Further speculations"™:

A long-shot since we're doing this crazy math anyway is dividing the two different molecular masses and etc with it: 1/((50.141/50.0141)*6³*2⁵)=0.00014430977098286535.. with 252 recurring decimals. This might seem faster than light which might be difficult to achieve in a chemical reaction even nuclear , though we might subtract from Harmonic 288 and get Light-Harmonic: 14369022901713466, difference from max 30977098286534, which has 3. square-root reciprocal as ≃ 0.14348614052521155 again. As usual the math absolutely is crazy and these "light harmonics" appears inside each other over and over again.

Difference from the two harmonics above is again 20408849192311. We have of course done something with this one (too much) as well and found 1.4358049157975373e-08. Maybe non-sense altogether these last two paragraphs even if the light harmonics decimal magnitude...whatever..For info this last one was 1/((sqrt(sqrt(20408849192311))*2^14) so reciprocal of 69647344.77486703 which finally difference from 69444444 is 202900.774867028 which double squared might be a magnetic(?) harmonic 1.6948638721517182e+21. Though final thoughts that as easy it is to do calculations like this relevant if they are or not, another thing is then to just try to explain it logically or conceptually because where did we start?

We started with just dividing two molecular masses and have ended up with an electromagnetic harmonic. Anything if what to discern?

If we're to follow the book we square again and split up into light harmonics again (1.4362817725625578). Or we can look at the original 20408849192311 as total field (either matter or anti-matter) which really makes no sense for what we initially set out to do; divide molecular mass and see what, maybe.. Anyway though as we have pointed out castling / switching of numbers is still a question: 144 or 414? 108 or 180? Same with repeating decimals, are they there for a reason? Or is it just just numerology all? •\o/• No, after all there seems to be little or not logic in it. But of course we will find more light harmonics. We have our own home-made version of the original Harmonic Equations that need to loose some dust:((1/c)**(-3/2)+cos((d))*c) and to get a light-harmonic we only need to put c as 50.141 and multiply the result with 432 (6³*2) and we have 143675.90615665735., with d as 90. The corresponding value for 50.0141 is 143118.55680885175 difference 557.3493478056043.

557.3493478056043 contain it's own harmonic 1/(557.3493478056043/2/2/2)≃0.014353654546286987..


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