Expressions for Earth Fields A and B , and difference. And Integral Curves. ETC. Under Construction.

We have found possible mathematical expressions for the fields A and B and their difference as follows:

First we remove 216 and 288..for x and y so we can put together the various expressions / equations to get "Integral Curves" which looks like magnetic lines of force:

Here Field A and B →:

Integral Field A and B.

Though "Integral Curves" for Field A plus "difference" looks different →:

Field A and difference. Integral Curve.

This means that the equations or expressions may not be in tune quite yet, and that we had assumed initially but that is what we have for now.

What about these equations?

From expressions suggested for Field A and maybe Field B.


Field within Fields. Hertz and stuff. Pyramid and Field B.

Great Pyramid height and Field B. Schumann Resonance.


12528 has the following factorials: 1,2,3,4,6,8,9,12,16,18,24,27,29,36,48,54,58,72,87,108,116,144,174,216,232,261, 232,261,348,432,464,522,696,783,1044,1392,1566,2088,3132,4176,6264 and 12528. Many interesting factorials and some that we have not noticed before..? Total of factorials is 37200.

8352 has more or less the same factorials except 27,54,108,216,2784. But 96, 288, 928, and 2784..possibly..

Total is here 24570..

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