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Apparently some dancing giraffe on science fiction, and with some androids..just trying to find a cure for that

Lo-fi Recap.

You can actually see it on angel trumpet stimuli..or fly agaric, were not sure if these are illegal as logical test us no-one is sane enough to use them recreationally, one can for instance get permanent low levels of acetylcystein and..stuff..but actually these may not make you see it anyway, and anyway there are definetly legal herbal remedies see the recipes of Rosemary Gladstar for instance.

We have the equation (29/6480)**(n+1) (thanks to freenode) or sort of if it is programmed x=x*(10/3*2.9)*2160 (to show both the wiens constant and the famous meme may be involved from another viewpoint) which are both the same and give a table previously shown, that shows "turtles all the way down" i.e. everything either goes from 1 to infinity or the other way around (upwards/downwards).

No problem anyway, because it is something called the "integral" or "derivation" of the equation above that is put into our "field" equation, which again put into the same equation again..give a field strength..

The number is about 3561.420165063487 (cf. Cathie "Field Difference", and this is at the 7th cycle of our programing and computer equipment..this is what it can handle). A note is if you reciprocate this and multiply by six so many times..: (1/3561.420165063487)*6**10 == 16978.107945014715 (magnetics again see Bruce Cathie "Harmonic Conquest of Space", technical section.)..etc..

And further if we put it back into the same equation..((1/c)**(-3/2)+cos(radians(d))*c) again we seem to get value for one of the two magnetic fields: 214317.84414354464 (cf. Cathie)

Though the question is where do we go from here? Do we try an test the values in the list somehow, or what? We will need to take a break, maybe.

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