"Castleing" of Harmonic Formulas through wolfram.com / mathematica...UPDATE.

[2c+sqrt(1/(2c)]*(2c)² translates into [4*sqrt(2)]/[(1/c)*5/2]. This is good because we have both square-root of 2 here and also 5/2 which we have shown elsewhere may be significant. This is from Bruce Cathie's Harmonic Expanded relatity equation number two. There seemed to be an error as it was not indicated in the first equations if it should be 1/(2c) or 1/2(c) but the former seemed to be correct.

There are two statics 29 and 16 (in harmonics) that are related. Also 4 appears which have also shown to be of use in establishing numbers suitable for giving whole integer output without fractions. Albeit the x4 was used to produce the C values for equation one.

Whole integer out put from this one is rare but with C=2 -> 32, C=18 -> 7776 (6**5), C=32 -> 32768 (2**15) this one which is equal to 2nf**2+2 where n is 1 and f is 128 thus another link to Bucky. The former one 7776 would be 7778 of course with 2nf**2+2 where n is 3 and f=36 and so on. Definite link to Bucky. Also then this is probarbly the correct formula the one with (1/(2*c)).

This is also related to "binary" (2**n)*x, where x is various synergetics and similar , constants.

Maybe simplified in a look at the images below..:


Another look a binary bitwise operations (or,and,xor) and 2**n with synergetics constants, Bucky V Cathie...

2**9 respect with *1.125+2 and *1.265625+2 -> 290 & 326 = 258, then shift it with another of the constants.
2**9 respect with *1.265625+2 and *1.685+2 -> 326 & 434 = 258, the resulting figure is the same.

Difference with 288 -> 30..

Logically comparing the above two formulas..

The R. Buckminster Fuller (Bucky) has formulas with three components that are not statics, actually two. n for the prime-numbers between zero and 5. And f for frequency of layer in a given "packet". There is something horribly wrong with the stuff being defined as waves and so on if they are clusters. Probarly if they move they could like be like clusters and waves like "wormholes". But that's real pseudo-sciences's!!

A four leaf clover-field.

We have calculated respective with silly methods, Iceland, Phi at Hypberborea, Pit-Schumann R-N-144/36 and Greenland.. The result is unfortunate. The result is 362-42 (fish not included:). Which gives 320 indifference. That right, some things or another and the ball-binary number again. 32 is 2⁷ into 2⁵ and it's not impossible to complete encryptions of this "message" here. And something about the gulf-streams. In relation for 2nf+2 where n always is 5 and f is 6 or 2.

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