Vivid constants. Schumann Resonance. Earth Mass.

Here are some of the constants we have found relating to this mathematical stuff.

Schumann Resonance.

Internet does not seem to be decisive on weather or not Schumann Resonance is on about 7.82 hz , which is identical to the Earth's ELF (not to be confused with Elves) frequency or if the frequency should be about 10.6 which is the dominant frequency of human brainwaves. But the two seem to have a logical gap between them of (2**8)*S1 = 256*1.125 = 288.

One hypothetical value for Schumann Resonance is 9 divided by some Synergetics Constants which give 1/((7.844487360135194*8)/9) = 0.14341281314533363, close to M at 56' in table 3 (electromagnetic). There is a good chance that fine-tuning 56' could give a precise value. Denmark is at 56'N. We do not know if the Schumann Resonance is different at different longt/lat.

Another bet is that the common frequency at 7.82 / S1 is 696 which is very close to the Harmonic 69444.. which reversed back would give 7.8125. This is also another way of linking Buckminster Fuller's Synergetics work into this, since that is where we have S6 from (same as Cathie's 9/8). This is also of course equivalent in a sense to 1/128, and if it's all that easy is up to discussion.

NOTE Friday: Internet does agree; "This frequency, known as the Schumann Resonance, corresponds to approximately 7.8125hz and is created by the excitation of terrestrial stationary waves by lightning strikes."

Earth Mass.

We are trying to find a formula that will give a matching "logical" value for Earth's mass and came up with 1/(144*2/5) = 0.01736111111 which is the reciprocal value of 576 which again is the value of something called "A and B Quanta Modules" for either an F2 Cube or F2 Double-Tet cube, ringing loosely the idea of both Bruce Cathie's two electromagnetic fields. This meaning that for practical purposes we should be able to define our sphere as this.

The reason that we first checked the reciprocal of 57.6 is that it is so close to the value for Earth's total weight measured in cubic-minutes-of-arc. Of course 17361111.. is a bit off 17025. It is off by 336.111111.. which may account for either an extra exo-sphere or an inversion accounting for dark matter as Earth's core is made out some thing or another.

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