Redefining Spaghetti Constant or possibly E and it's correlation with Schumann Resonance and Lightning Strikes with possible theory on visual particles. Fine-structure constants. These are notes.

There are no constants. Everything changes in relation to each to other. But something can be done. All this below is connected somehow.

Fine-structure constant: (x**2)*sqrt(1.125)=2 then x is x = 1.37318. sqrt(1.125) we got from "Synergetics". Testing it with what from Cathie's book x/(pi*phi) became a strain when looking at it on WolframAlpha. But when looking at it we got an interesting "triangle" and the interesting thing is that the curve goes more or less down to Zero. It can also go down to -3 with other parameters. The two images below are a bit different but the idea is the same. If you combine the two you get a gap somewhere in there.:.
image image

Physicists that did neither read this or RBF like to say that they have problems with the constants changing another time, another way of saying they are not really constants. They are likely to say that they can't properly calculate them but it's really indoctrination. Of course we thought that finding the fine-structure constant was best but seeing that it adds up to 2.


16/y^x == 9 , or 16 y^(-x) = 9. 16 already appears from natural formulas elsewhere, and 9 is simply 1001 in binary where 1001000 is 144. 16 probably becomes 256 then.

Simple speed-of-light involving PI.

1/((gamma**e)*pi) == 1.4301884524366508

(1/((e**gamma)/2**n)) where n=8 , == ~144.

If gamma is replaced with (4*log(2)-2*log(3)) you get exactly 144, I couldn't find the latter as definition for gamma anywhere so someone should take a look at this. either He was wrong in the initial equation or Gamma was and this is in trying to prove how lightning strikes and Schumann resonance is 1/144*1.125. The log used is the natural log equivalent to ln. If you replace n with 9 you have 288.

This came from the analysis of the 128 / 8 cycles associated with 72. also another look at that output shows maybe how energy arise from nothing and reach existence, very black. The first 8*8 cycle of 128 switched between 0 and 8. After that the alternating sequence switched between 64 and 72 (which are separated reciprocal by */ 1.125)

we thought about this, we had this on our mind a long time before realizing the significance of it, also we think the sub-conscious of the readers have helped.

PI and E

PI is actually a useless constant when considering that it is just a by-product of say how many edges a simplified circle has, like a triangle. With a square then the complexity occurs. But that's the way it is and all good. In Quantum Physics one can "program" something to go towards pi and whatever happens when or if it reaches pi or not is not that imperative right now. It will certainly be dependant on other irrational factors as well going towards their infinite. However if one has two then maybe they cancel each other out and some kind of stability occurs.

The above defined gamma but did give a formula for E. It seems that both are reciprocals of each other. Since gamma/e transposed up give 729. It's well worth to remember that Bruce Banner was exposed to Gamma radiation! Then he later became the Hulk or a Body-Builder but something happened when he was in some sort of tank when if you remember the grey hulk appeared, we're of course not advocating using comics as basis for science.

E and Gamma seem related.

It all may look something like this:

Nothing visible good from this script.

Alpha (or the so-called "Fine-structure constant"), can probably be derived from a simple equation, an equation involving Synergetics and the good number 2. The real value and stuff is held secret by "the scientists" because for one it is involved somehow in nuclear detonation. Bruce Cathie speculated on this value in his last book (The Harmonic Conquest of space, page 51-53).

He states also that the value should be related somehow to the speed of light and something called the magnetic-monopole (maybe there isn't a magnetic monopole but that it's merely a term for a larger cluster of somethings creating another something as a totality):

But these are not "remote-viewing" type integers only, just smart guesses. If the first value is correct it should probably be giggled with x to get straight 1/144, which could be a solution, but the original integer was found as (x**2)*sqrt(1.125)=02 where x == 1.37318.

Here's obviously some sort of logic to the jiggling of the equations albeit wholly. Though Bruce Cathie is using classical geometry framework and not Synergetics framework but it is said that Quantum Physics can be used but not probably not understood, so maybe all this is in vain. This is Quantum Physics isn't it..? Quantum Physics you say? Quantum Physics?

It's not entirely impossible that Bruce Cathie was a bit "wicked" when he wrote his books although that's as fun as books get. No you don't learn by being told it straight always. And, we're not quite totally sure what Amy C Edmondson is doing at present either.