Habitable Planet Harmonics and Earth.

NEW-NEW-2015: Check out the Tychonic geo-heliocentric system on google of the Solar System for a visual represtentation / idea about this C=32. It fits well with the below if one can jiggle the mind towards it a bit. It may possible to make a geometric drawing (probably one of the standard pythagorean triangle, maybe not the 3:4:5 but..)about this here with this system. Maybe triangulate Sun-Earth-Moon. Here is one of the diagrams off-site:

NEW-NEW (2015): What ever equations actually used below is still uncertain and will take time to find (back to).

NEW-NEW (2015): Also hopefully there is an easy way to figure out any A:B:C like in the E values (like those below) using "internal logic of mathetmatics" as in Vedic Math. Vedic math uses "shot-cuts" based on some internal logic in mathematics/numerology: Like 25*25 -> RH:5*5=25 LH:2*(2+1)=6 == 625, or 65*65 -> RH:5*5=25 LH:6*(6+1)=42 == 4225 and as you can see if two figures in the "question" end in 5 the right hand side of the answer is always 25, and if the other figure in the "question" are identical then one multiplies n*n+1 as shown here to get the left hand side of the answer or something like that. That is called Vedic Mathematics.

NEW: It may be that the values here are in vain, as we may have wrongly interpreted the sqrt(1/2c) part of "harmonic equation 2" as sqrt(1/(2c)).

. Using low values for C , we have found what looks like harmonic values as a solar-system; something like that if C=32 the result would be 108*108+14400+288, which are respect for values a Sun, an inhabitable planet and with a moon. Other values for C does break down into similar pattern.

Sun/Sol=108*108*10, Earth=14400 and moon 288. All values compatible with 36: 108=36*3, 144=36*4 and 288 is 36*8. New 2015: This also maybe could be solved easy with "Vedic Math"... since the rules used in that system can be proven with algerbra and these equations are algebra.

This also indicates how harmonically balanced our solar-system is; with the hard core moon making the energy from Sol stable for Earth. It may or may not be worthwhile to mention in relation to that balance, why some can risk to become quite frustrated by any/an indication that "things" are not more or less stable /OK in the world.

i.e. all the resonances between these bodies are in resonance based on 36 then (in theory), 36 which may be why the off-proportion values 108,288 and 144 are still harmonic.

Of course the formula above is a generalization and does not need to be the exact values for Earth from our point of view. It could easily be more complex like (72*72+8)+(14400-1024)+288 for instance as is the result from analysis of other C, like 18. This actually introduces the binary component in the system , in addition to basic 36 harmonics. Binary in that 8 or 1024 are exponents of two, 8 is 2*2*2 and 1024 likewise. This is just theoretical.

No point in trying out these calculations (with the equations) as they are conceptual and may have used wrong equations. Will look at this again later and to check the equations.

Ok. I had tried to explain away the lack of some details but the truth was I had forgot which equation gave those values above that sum up to 131328. The equation I had used was wrong so the real value is 131328*2, 262656 with C as 32 in "harmonic equation" number 2; E=[2c+sqrt(1/2c)](2c)**2. I am not going to try to find the values again because I feel that the result is still the same albeit the values should be doubled. (NEW-2015, as stated above the equation may be wrong)

Ok, I did the equation again the result is: (216*108*10)+(28800)+(288*2). I will try to analyse other E values using a similar approach as of course it's not certain that this seemingly structure is existing in the other E values, but I think that it's a good bet. Thus it seems we start with the C value , get an E value and analyse that one back again.

NEW: This may seem like magic tricks or pulling numbers out of a hat though:

6^5 give us 7776, this x9/6 or * 1.5 give 11664, and /6 again or total from start x0.25 give the familiar 1944 (which with 1/1944 *(6^5) give 4.) but x1.125 is 2187 and again x6 -> 13122 and we are getting closer to 262656, double or x2 -> 26244 and x10 -> 262440 which is 216 less than 262656.
Thus (((3*6)**2)*720*1.125)+216, or (20*((648/2)*1.125)*720)+216 or ((720*1.125)*(648/2)+216, or (720*1.125)*(162*2)+216 are another ways of looking at it.

Note here that 648 a value common used in Bruce Cathie's wroks , is 162x4.

.. Maybe the latter one including 162 which is 10f**2+2 where f is 4 which we are hoping to fit in to the puzzle as this would mean from 10f**2+2 which is the number of spheres on the surface a 4 frequency thing..

The theory on this having to do with planetary systems is purely speculative. It could be a way of expressing an atom to for instance the three values representing: proton, electron and neutron. But the quantum world is not supposed to behave like the macro world.

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