Harmonic 1006944444444444:

It appears in two different ways:

Harmonic 108.5069444444444444444, this was a lucky find (here soon is the calculation):

I. 10069444444:


If we calculate watt with 144 volts and variable amplitude (x) like below here we find the 725/720 Harmonic again.

The roof of x in ((144*x)-7.25)/x`is 0.0503472 somehow → *2 == 0.1006944,

what does this tell use about the root of this equation beeing something that looks like a harmonic, should it be some harmonic ratio between volt and ampere for instance?


If we multiply 144 simply by 725/720 and 0.1006944 we get consequently:

A. 143.00689655172414

B. 1430.0695967203737

Both values would be somehow beyond the north/south poles.

A also give us ((((2**7)+(2**10))*6*2)*(10/3)) /29 possibly. Same as 20736/145... 88

A also give us ( (1440-288)*6*2)*(10/3) /29 possibly., excluding 288 give 4800/29 which compared to the above exceed 144 by 3264/145..

II. 108.50694444444444


If we divide 144 by the above we have 1.327104 → x2x2x6 = 31.850496, a value that looks like gravity acceleration but which again must be through 90' at the poles. It would be easy to suspect that 32.0 could be reached, since 1/(32/2/2/6) is 0.75 which are said to be a figure for some types of grid lines (7.5 minutes of arc).

1/x here though give 0.7535204475308641 with 31.850496. And → x2x2x6x6 replace 108.50694444444444 again. So (1/31.850496)*144, And there is some notion that this reciprocal of gravity acceleration multiplied by speed-of-light should yield a harmonic.

1/108.50694444444444=0.009216. → x144=1.327104.


1/sqrt(108.50694444444444) is simply 0.096 does this imply there could me 9.6 grid-lines or some other function like that of "harmonic" 96.

There is a tv-show called "Number 96" (doesn't seem PG rated), also "a radioactive transuranic metallic element; produced by bombarding plutonium with helium nuclei" a.k.a. Curium which has some interesting properties; it has a covalent radius of about 169, it's electrical resestivity is 1.25, (the isotope) Curium-242 has a half-life of 360/2, while Curium-243 is almost at exactly 29 years. (http://encyclopedia.thefreedictionary.com/Curium)

The binary form is 1100000. It's factorials are 3*2*2*2*2*2.

7.25*0.096 = 0.696 → 1/x=1.4367816091954022. It's a so-called octagonal number. Will probably go on for-ever with all of this stuff.


>>> x=(0.096*2.9)
>>> y=(6**4)*2*2
>>> y
>>> x
>>> x*y

>>> z=abs(x*y-1440)
>>> z
>>> z=3.2256
>>> z
>>> _*6
>>> _*6
>>> _*6
>>> 1/_


From https://encrypted.google.com/patents/CN101079633A?cl=en we have: "4. The improvement of claim 1 to claim passive rubidium atomic frequency standard servo control method, characterized in that the voltage-controlled quartz crystal oscillator output frequency is 10MHz; modulated signal by an integrated, comprehensive servo module obtained for the signal processing unit 45.3125MHz ± Δf; microwave interrogation signal (160MHz × 43) -45.3125MHz ± Δf = 6834.6875MHz ± Δf."

I have 45.3125 stored in some file as something "important", 160 may just be as in 360/2 (no wait it's a harmonic of 2*2*2*2) of course though the last figure is not a true speed-of-light harmonic albeit if you subtract 6944.4444 you have close to 108 (109.75690000000031) which is in the last book "L: Harmonic Linkage between speed of light, in vacuum, and theoretical speed of light, maximum (mins/grid sec)

..Oh I see in the table it goes up to 109.740..that's pretty close to the, too close to the figure above for comfort maybe it's at equator then?

45.3125 because for one 45.4123*4=181.25 → 181.25/180=1.0069444444444444 some unknown harmonic or 725/720 which reminds me of the lamb-shift harmonic 0.00...7256..