Introduction to this section and some preface about what the work of Bruce Cathie is.

Cathie's relativity equations express infinity in a way. Just like we are all "whole" organisms , we still consist of cells, protons, electrons, etc, in layers, but they are part of the "whole". Thus it is a powerful expression. Further then a sort of synchronistic layer-by-layer we may have electric pathways inside the nerves inside the body. Electricity may flow through the blood-vessel, veils within veils. Now we have defined it for a formula for a body.

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This section contains a deeper delve into the mathematics of Bruce Cathie's work and his proposed world energy grid. Cathie suggested that our planet is a sort energy grid system. He calculated among other things for us a revision of something a physicist Albert Einstein conclude with; that Energy was equal to mass times speed of light times the speed of light (E=mc2). Cathie replaced the m for matter in the equation initially with another equation based on pure light c+sqrt(1/c) (sqrt means Square Root), this he deducted from that Earth Weight or Mass in geodesic feet; something like 1705 mega-billion something per arc something weight. He further deducted that , which is what the his first equation reflects, was equal to the speed of light in geometric measures 1440 + sqrt(1/1440). Some disregard for a few common mathematical rules was needed. sqrt(1/1440)=0.023652, this figure is of course nothing when added to 1440, but when shifted decimally to 2365 they added up to earth mass value of about 1705, or more precise 17025.

The method may seem a bit wrong but if one looks at the concept from a philosophically angle it also gives some interesting implications about the sphere we live in.

From this substitute from m Cathie made a new equation E=(c+sqrt(1/c))*(c)**2, he also developed two additional refined equations dealing with anti-matter aspects etc, but we're not there yet. The equations he called harmonic equation one two and three.

What I am trying to do is to use a bit of (logic) creativity with the stuff he has published. Also using some intuition. Bruce Cathie has not published anything new since around the 90s so I feel we need more about the mathematics of this stuff. If it's all wrong as some people claim than this venture should certainly prove that once and for all, but I have decided to look at this. I also feel that there we may be able to melt this stuff to things that Buckminster Fuller dealt with in his compendiums about Synergetics (a form of geometry actually).

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