Tuning the Quantum.

Like thinking between the various numerical systems like decimal, duo-decimal, octal etc, thinking across them as a tool:

MUSIC:.. The tuning of a standard D flat has change up through the decades to 440 hertz. Why? Because 288 is 440 in Octal. Why Octal, yes, because of the Octave probably. Is this certianly a conspiracy to change what we feel and sense and most of all hear?? Then maybe 442 would be better and make sense since it gives 1944 somehow.

Bust most creative people have lowered the hertz. 277 is a prime that give 425 in Octal maybe that is good. Or what would give 525 (5*5*5) in Octal, probably an extreme overtuning but..341 give it, oh but we wanted 625..and it was 5*5*5*5 very extreme overload, not possible. Anyway lowering the hertz is because some complex waveforms are not fully functioning and become excluded when it is set at 440.

Electricity:.. 440 is not only used in Music also in certain broadcast toweres, they use power of 5/8 wavelength, 225 electrical degrees; about 440 millivolts per meter using one kilowatt at one kilometer.

Si it breaks down into or as an abstract it's that as in Music etc master-tuning of an A is at 440 hertz which is 288 in octal, and music is an octal system too..it feels like an physical override or maybe similar to a form of over-running. It is a physical tuning and unlike what the conspiracy theorist would like us to believe it's a good tuning. However this tuning as actually a bit fragile so it must not be disturbed. It seems that some forms of agony is linked with disturbances of this frequency.

A bit of details lack here to verify the picture but roughly it seems we may need to do something about the system as it is now to make it even better if possible.

So the Harmonic calculations seem easy:

* 440/50/220*36*2 = 288 , That's the frequency used in this country as far as I know.
* 442/50/225*36*2 = 2.828799..
* -2.88 = Harmonic 512.


* 432/50/225*36*2 = 2.764799999...
* -2.88 = -0.1152 (1152/144=8)

* 432*144/216 = 288.0

NEW-NEW-NEW: We found a "logical" other value for 440; ~440.2999..but we lost the documents containing the computation.

It's almost certain that one did not find the exponent of 2, 512 desirable so it's to us no wonder that it's 288, what we do wonder is why it is not 290 as in 2nf**2+2 . From 290 the second equation gives a difference of 712. As usual we consult some old books about the number but nothing shows up. Haphazard numbers from fractorials of 712 is 56,522,0,13 in sequence. It may be too tedious to try an analyze sub-factorials and maybe they're best left to the reactive or sub-conscious mind unless one is looking for something very specific. If there is anything about factorials anyway.

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