Brainwaves and Bruce Cathie. Brainwave entrainment sound files.


** General Relaxation. MP3, 70 megabyte...(10.694 hz + 6.372 hz + 7.8125 hz = "24.877" -> /6/6 -> 1/x -> .. ≃ 144)

** 'Resonance'. MP3, 10 megabyte..complex resonating waveform for focus maybe.

Numerology calculator software.

If you believe in numerology (or the sub-conscious mind) here is a computer program to calculate values for you. It's not certain that executes on windows as it was programmed on a Linux system, but the program is compiled to run on Microsoft Windows. It seems though that numerology is more..something..than commonly though for to make it work.

The program takes a string of lower case (small) letters and have two different 'value-systems'; Pythagoras and something called English Quabalah. Answer yes for English or no for Pythagoras.

Download. numrology.exe numerology software v.0.1.