Computing Alpha as a whole integer. (Under construction).

We might have made many pathetic attempts at defining Alpha. Though as we can remember not in harmonic equation 3 yet. And this below may or may not say that it's just not a constant; because even though it seems that it can have a specific harmonic associated with also may be related to the speed-of-light which we assume also is not a constant; more like the stretching of a rubber-band ..accelerating away from gravity until it snaps and reaches maximum speed.

Or like a photon escaping an atom which has gravity a gravity field that extends so-and-so far away from it..

The fine-structure constant Alpha is defined: "It is related to the elementary charge e, which characterizes the strength of the coupling of an elementary charged particle with the electromagnetic field, by the formula 4πε0ħcα = e**2. Being a dimensionless quantity, it has the same numerical value in all systems of units. Arnold Sommerfeld introduced the fine-structure constant in 1916."

(1/(144/1001)) into x-6.944444444444.. equals..