About and Safety and instructions.

Maybe we are trying to build Androids. The site may be conceptual imagery at times too also. The information is not clearly organized as the whole thing is a work in progress, thus a new section could shed light on an older article etc. We still think the site just should be left to the sub-conscious mind, which means there is little usable "conscious" stuff here still, though that is the aim in the future (to have consciously readable information. )

This site may very well be mental, silly, stupid etc at all times. It's not for the faint hearth but I'm ... We are trying to balance it out by not being so visible on the net and we have very few links to this place here (though that didn't help when Google.com listed it as site #1 for keywords "Schuman Resonance and Fine-structure constant alpha".)

We're not 200 years old who have programmed this stuff (but by the pace of this you'd think so). Most likely you should not try and read any of this. So you have been warned. If it turns out to be OK stuff then that's of course good for us then. We have only begun writing the safety instructions.

If you have encountered the book "The gift of dyslexia" in it are something called something or another, a sort of environment realignment, or what, procedure to help dyslexics.

VOID: Honestly we can say it may soon boil down to creating "logical" sounds through computers which maybe intangible "waveforms" (of sound), as in the book I Ching for instance. Thus the information here may be encoded within the stuff.

This sit is also trying to be a reciprocal of the well known site www.viking-z.org. (which either is done by the Queen Her Self, or one of Dalai Lama's monkey's with a typewriters.) or done by a bunch of phatashnick (supposedly a Russian term for lost cosmonaut) with silicon-gold microchips in the brains connected to a sort of central AI or something..what an insane idea.

MOREOVER it contains a ton of telepathy on our "enlightenment" if we had it, anyway.

Some amount or another is written on the works of Bruce Cathie who supposedly died in Fepuarry this year. But like Micheal Jackson and Elives he's not dead of course. At least we hope he is not truly dead, something tragic that happens to many ordinary humans due to lack of enlightenment. Death that is. There are some mathematical tables we produced from trying to analyse Bruce Cathie's contribution more on what may be related to Synergetics.

If you have time you should at least read anything , everything I mean, in the Cathie section because the facts are a bit like a decapitated corpse spread all over. I forgot almost everything about what I wrote in the ZEN section but I'm sure that it's useful reading for you.

I am working on a good body-builder plan for the CIA/Mi5 section. It is going to be based on the supreme Tao system albeit it's not good work I think. The theory of I CHING which is related to Tao which is why I wrote it. It's a bit similar to computer binary language. Many physical things have two states. So you have oxidants and anti-oxidants. Anions and Cations. (in oxygen).

That relates further to Tao. Oxidants , Anions and say whatever, would be yin-yin-yang, creating a "trigram" from (three). So you would have oxygen cations, coffee (slightly higher than alkaline body PH, reverse direction than potatoes really) and a third thing like calcium hypochlorite (though that may be a di-oxide complicating it further). And working out this would be a job but we got no job offers but we still want to do it.

To create a dynamic one would need two "trigrams" one opposite of the other thus a yin-yin-yang + yang-yang-yin which would be maybe 'Sun' (not Sol) + 'Kaan' (not correct grammar) resulting in hexa/6-gram #42 called "yî" , which my book says that it indicates, here is the text from a English Translation of I CHING: "Yĩ indicates that in the state which it denotes there will be advantage in eery movenment which shall be undertaken, that it will be advantageous even to cross The Great Stream"

What the so-called "Great Scream" is I do not know but as long as it is a bit adddvantegous or good then I'm with it almost totally. But I think in the site here everything will be interpreted in context of physical or possibly quantum physical health context. If may have applications in other territories but on has to start somewhere possible.

I've not written so much about "Morphic Resonance" here (cf Bruce Cathie or R.Sheldrake) but the thing about it is if you read this site and the stuff here, even if you do not consciously understand one bit of it the sub-conscious brain will try to process it somehow which will add to the planety memeory bank so that me how has responsibility for this site can maybe even finish this project I've started. This is by ways of some form of Quantum Resonance maybe.

So just read through it , read as much as you can and donate the unused processing power of your brain to me (just like BOINC) only on a not her plain.

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