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November 2017: NADH?.. NADH is a crazy form of vitamin B3 "used in the process of Energy". It's being sold sometimes with the label "Only patented and stable form". And sometimes without it. .. "Silent weapons for quiet wars."..is a book maybe about the so-called "New World Order". Many have tried and failed to read and provide a proper analysis of it, in the context of actually considering the New World Order to be a possible scenario actually existing. Probably little else is needed to say about this document. Or is it about something completely different all together? .. Ethical "Exploiting"..the sub-conscious and "Morphic" Resonance and social media? What is?

We do not know if Science has put direct any link between the r-complex (reptilian brain at the top of the spinal-cord) and the third eye / pineal-gland. But we can imagine it as a system akin to the potato. The r-complex is the root vegetable of the plant. The third eye of course the flower and the roots of the plant further is the nerves going further throughout the body, etc. Many things that exist in Humans exist in Nature and vice versa, and also in the "constructed" world; our machines, etc. Like the copper tube with a magnetic thing moving inside of it create the impression of a penis inside a vagina making (electrical / magnetic) induction..

--- Far out overkill.→ Earth®:→ Reading Viking Prose Edda and other things one might believe that they were alluding to, or trying to explain the fact that the Earth started of as a blazing sphere of energy which manifested it self as the planet and ecosystem that we know today. Then we should not forget that behind everything in our bio-sphere is still that primordial energy-shape. As Einstein put it E=mc2, perhaps. At the same time as we are flesh bodies. Then from science we can conclude that we are also pure energy , like the primordial B'earth we just were trying to describe, below our corporal molecular level.

Have we written about this before? → Jim Humble theorized that the processes in the body had to be like the Taijitsu. That Oxidation and Anti-oxidation (where the latter is only focused on in main-stream media, except for earlier on when they started pushing tobacco) were complementary processes. Thus he advocates (not smoking if you thought that) using i.e. Chlorine Dioxide Solution to heal the body and kill all pathogens, bacteria, virus, infections, etc, in the body, trough the process of oxidation (which we can guess was the cigarette industries point since smoke is known to contain carbon-mono-oxide).

Anyway if Jim Humble is hiding with the say Brazilian or Venezuelan Paramilitary cocain cartel in some Amazonian forest or not we will never know. All is good to know is that at least Calcium hypochlorite is a good all around vitamin supplement, for Calcium directly to the bone -structure and a source of good Chlorite probably.

Speaking of alternative medicine. Each day, about 500 mg to 1 gram of the co-enzyme for of vitamin B-3 (NADH) will kill any abstinence or with-draw symptoms. That's about one box of it in say England, at about £20-25 price, so possibly that's why we don't see it in hospitals and institutions, even if new Chinese make it at a dime a dollar or something like that, in OEM form. Thus the world just isn't "connected".?

Now: "If all perception is without choice and the sky never said it was blue, the sun never called itself the sun, then who are you, really? What is THIS all about?"

Then: "The sky is actually pink. That's one thing that "THIS" is "all" about. I never cared for the Sun, neither the Moon."

About "Inverted" space might exist. It implies a region of what we think of as "outer space" where there even space is negated. Thus in such a region, matter would become less relative, and speed of light travel would be possible, because of sort of negative friction say. Degrees below zero Kelvin which usually are thought to be the temperature in space, have been proved scientifically now so maybe that would apply to such a region "out there". Though scientists are trying to tell us that when they get degrees in their labs below zero kelvin, then the temperature suddenly "loops" into incredibly hot.

Put me down, and dump me in the ocean. Probably not.

But while considering getting euthanized we learned, not that we take our life for granted, but we that take our life all too seriously. In that respect we Humans are, to say the least, disgusting. Even if we considered the state of "limbo" that ironically or by fate, will occur in one while throwing one self off a cliff without a parachute; lets say we have 15 seconds before hitting the ground dead. It's a popular theory.

Maybe say after 10 seconds one is probably bound to find the solution to ones "problem" or whatever but then it's (due to fate / irony) usually, too late..this just due to the laws of brains and physics, even. This pose the questions: "Do we want to try this at home!" , in controlled environments of course like dramatized in the movie "The Game"? And of course the theory could be totally void, maybe one experience nothing the last 20 seconds before death,.

Or is it a popular theory? Do life stuff, really?

Then, ironically most Buddhist are neither serial-killers or mass-murderers. Does this show something important about Buddhism? It may hint at what Zen is for or about...

All though D.T.Suzuki (the elder one) is rumored to have written indoctrination material for Japanese Kamikaze..before WW2, though.. that might have been a miss-understanding of enlightenment in the west, which comes about, with knowing more and more about things, while in the east it is said to ..come about by loosing mental rubbish..

Six-way memory flows, if provable may be useful in anything from nihilism to court-cases, maybe.

Though it does imply that the exact nature of anything that happens have, multiple functions. It is possibly related to VE (Vector Equilibrium, or Icosahedron) though this is a more complicated craven image..albeit that it contains copies, of the unicursal hexagram inside it,..when viewed as a two-dimensional surface. But it seems difficult to unwrap.

Supposedly Pontius..Pilatus apparently wrote a letter to the Roman emperor, where he states about an account with Jesus Christ, that: "..as I faced Him my feet seemed fastened with an iron hand to the marble pavement and I trembled in every limb as a guilty culprit", and even if this is due to flint deposits in the soil, like we have around here, and elsewhere some place in the world, it's we suppose still a feature of Jesus Christ, to have Pilatus's corpus, react with it...

The Taijitu symbol (yin/yang) proves again to be a good symbol to explain things through. I.e. to pin concepts at..or resolve problems with. Physics , gravity and anti-matter have been described on this site elsewhere about it.

Perpetual motion. Earth has two a-symmetric fields i.e. stuff is dynamics. That's how we can have what is actually perpetual motion machines through magnetism workings in the eco-system, though we may not think of it that way, usually. Wind and water-mills for instance. Even though Taijitsu seems balanced.

That is why it is strange that the powers that be will not allow us to harness energy in the same way (as windmills and watermills) on the electromagnetic level, after all it's the same forces at work only difference being one is on the macro-scale the other would be on a micro-scale...

Nicotine is known to cause sexual dysfunction. It is also known to cause anticholinergic sensitivity. Nicotine like substances (in pesticides) are known to cause CCD; Colony Collapse Disorder; something that occurs in bee-hives. Bees like human enjoy nicotine substances as much as (some) Humans and will rather kill the colony due to sexual dysfunction from it than not.

But since nicotine also cause this anticholinergic sensitivity we have discovered that there might be a link with anticholinergic substances and sexual function also in Humans, even if internet only mostly provide research about it on rats. Coffee also affect cholinergic levels in its own way of blocking the state of anti-cholinergica.

Otherwise Dr. Andrija Puharich otherwise did similar neurological research published in his book "Beyond Telepathy"

We discovered that small doses then of an anti-cholinergic substance like Biperiden Hydrochlorite (Akineton) may increase sexual energy stuff. Akineton is of course a prescription only substance. Though many plants that we are unsure of the legal status of; like deadly nightshade, Datura, and say mandrake have anti-cholinergic properties, but it is absolutely worth to note that say Akineton has the dosage and effective level at 2 milligrams (in a smoker).

2017 is upon is. Still no cure for stuff like Autism or HIV. Not even a hint at a cause...Vaccines don't cause autism that's for sure? ..We have quantum computers. We have been to the moon in 50 years ago... Either it's a paradox that man is in the current state of suffering or..the alternative is we've de facto jumped out of the binary-tree long time ago..everything exist it's just a matter of finding out where..it is.. and why it then might exist in such a particular location..

In a binary tree one either moves up or down. Up say towards unity or down towards diversity..

..Who is to prove physical particles are real? Maybe they are just something that "acts" as such...?

Someone told us that the author of the book "The Zen doctrine of No-mind", D.T. Suzuki, also wrote indoctrination material for the Kamikaze pilots before WW2, but don't know if it's true, but it is.

What is hypnosis really? And how come some people are able to resist it. We don't know yet. Though it could be linked to the same stuff as homeopathy and the placebo effect. And the mad-hatter cover-ups..in Cincinnati. Homeopathy has its own articles on this site.

What is reality and anti-reality and when do they never merge? We were promised by the Viking sagas that Aasgaard will burn but have yet to experience it unfortunately. That in it self should even be a paradox. We can only imagine how much psychic and spiritual soldiers; cannon fodder and otherwise is storming into the lost dimensions because of this.

Stephen M. Kosslyn wrote "Image and Brain: The Resolution of the Imagery Debate" about virtual mind imagery, where the abstract is: "Kosslyn (psychology, Harvard U.) presents a 20-year research program on the nature of high-level vision and mental imagery--offering his research as a definitive resolution of the long-standing "imagery debate," which centers on the nature of the internal representation of visual mental imagery. He combines insights and empirical results from computer vision, neurobiology, and cognitive science to develop a general theory of visual mental imagery, its relation to visual perception, and its implementation in the human brain."

Other than being quoted in R. D. Davis in his book "the gift of dyslexia" it may be the main theme of tv-series Ally McBeal (look at youtube for more info).

February 2017: Happy new year. This site now has the status of slim cheese. As mentioned below that means if we can condense the material and clean it up then perhaps..and there are a lot of theoretical things here to clean up indeed.

Frogs do not usually do telepathy. But the question is of course what is telepathy? What is it supposed to be?

Frogs as one of the few animals have their pineal gland so that it actually receives light and the Universe is full of light (as in E=mc2 perhaps) so a medium for telepathy could be light, even in frogs..but maybe this is better left to any expert like Andrija Puharich though he does not mention the anti-cholinergic state in his book "Beyond Telepathy" but plenty of other things.

Then there is also more conscious..observation of our regular verbal communication.

Deja Vu has never been explained anywhere that we have seen. But our exposure of some rather long lasting deja vu has led us to believe that it is in fact a moment of insight into Chaos.

Some problems arise with this web-page: 1. It may be claimed to be pseudo-science, or verus that 2. We may actually be on to something and those that consider it science may take free advantage over it. You can google the frequency tables from (29/6480)**(n+1) and will not find them elsewhere.

We regret to point out the link to Buddhism but what would that indicate? Nothing of course. But also the painful nothingness? Or is "potential" of physical existence exciting rather?:.

When we are in the universe of thought. Though at the same time in the physical universe, we are still our physical bodies but can not utilize the physical potential properly except through various obvious things.

If one consider that we are our total corporal entity then many things should become possible somehow theoretically if we can tap into physical existence; i.e. one must remember that we are our brain, we are all our cells etc, and possibly disregard stuff about CNS, Parasympathetic CNS and so on because we are those too so releasing the full potential of physical corporal existence should allow us to do things and unleash the potential.

"In trying to read the two volumes of the books called "Synergetics: Explorations in the Geometry of Thinking", and "Further Explorations..", we realize how rock hard this stuff really is in unraveling it's content and meaning.

"Geometry of thinking" echoes in the sub-conscious.""

One might complain there are no practical application of this site, and that may be right yet, except for that the brain might also recognize unconsciously more than the conscious mind.

Tesla: There seems to confusion on what he supposedly said probably in his own semantics "The powers of 3,6,9", which true seems to be 3!, 6! and 9! which are: 6,720,362880. So hope that clears something up or not. I.e. powers are not to be interpreted as exponential in this particular case. So just a manner of Babel.

Critisim of Herrigel: This site finds Herrigels book "Der Zen Weg" to be interesting regardless. It might also be an extreme Haiku, at least the first pages we managed to swim through of the English rendering was a Haiku or Koan, as we have mentioned before. But there also seems to be a bit of Hentai in reading it regularly so maybe that's a source of something.

And some defence of his book "Zen in the Art of Archery":

Herrigel has a "master" who manages to hit the bulls-eye and hit the arrow in the bulls-eye which apparently has something like sigma-11 co-incidence factor to it:


"There is an area of the mind that could be called "unsane", beyond sanity, and yet not insane. Think of a circle with a fine split in it. At one end there's insanity. You go around the circle to sanity, and on the other end of the circle, close to insanity, but not insanity, is "unsanity"." (From 'The Beyond Within: The Rise and Fall of LSD' (BBC documentary, 1987)); And if this is thought of as "social" circle it makes more sense. We have noticed people doing this for different purposes..

In the context of this one can imagine the well known CIA-man Cleve Backster who did tests to see if "plants" feel..(supposedly his "plants" reacted to lie-detectors attached to them), though this doesn't mean that real plants don't feel, but most known plants aren't offencive and as such we don't need to do much else than water our house-plants, etc.

.. Lobotomy: What are the "unwanted" consequences. Does it relegate thinking to the sub-conscious or reptilian mind?.

Happy Halloween 2016: Moses invented internett. (The "burning bush".) It also seemed that Carl Munch's video contained a level deeper than just number theory. Trick or treat?

November 2015. Redesign of site. Now contains not only (Quantum) Physics Material for now. Gave up printing out the about 20 articles to rehash it, but we will see.

?? This paragraph didn't turn out well: Ragnarok and the element of Water. Where if we assume it is as in nuclear warfare "heavy water", or rather the initial thought we had tied to this was something about Water being a heavy element to travel inside of. And something else. Otherwise heavy-water is a constituent alas in the production of Nuclear Bombs..Foul pagan in a Christian regime. "We are from the third planet.."..Cf Perestroika..etc

Writings: Alpha/Beta stages Writings:

World-Grid system and mathematics:

(Quantum) Physics and UFO-logist Bruce Cathie and also Buckminster Fuller and Mandelbrot (not yet, the "fractal guy"..). Various things: tables. analysis, comparing and computation, constants new and old.

(No special ordering in things (last things first), many things may be repeated in several articles, some things may sound out of place or not, etc..read the whole section if you want it..in your sub-conscious and thus have it float up again re-appear in some form.. )

This section contains stuff related to, and trying to look at mainly Bruce Cathie's work but draws various parallels. In no way is it to be considered professional™ in any way, perhaps. Though can always aim to fail, as is said sometimes!..

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